Add LO Fruit Beverage to Your Low Glycemic Diet

LO Fruit Beverage Review

If you are on a low glycemic diet, you will want to check out LO Fruit Beverage. It is perfect for those with Type 2 Diabetes looking to manage blood sugar as well as those on popular diets like as SouthBeach, The Zone, Sugar Busters, Glucose Revolution, and Ending the Food Fight because they all have a base of low glycemic index.

LO Fruit Beverage Review

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Let’s talk #’s. You might be shocked to find that LO Fruit Beverage has only 35-45 calories, 8-11 carbs, and 7-10 g sugar per drink. I know I was surprised! All of this is made possible by the powerful natural sweetener that I enjoy with other products – Stevia. If you don’t know much about Stevia, you’ll be relieved to know it is not a newly manufactured artificial sweetener. In fact, Stevia has been used for over 200 years. It had no known side effects compared to other non-sugars.

LO Fruit Beverage ReviewThere are several LO Fruit Beverage flavors to choose from, so you never get bored too. My favorite is the Lo Mango Mojito, it’s delicious and made from real fruit, blue organic agave nectar and Stevia.

LoFruitBeverageThey also have Pomegranate and Pomegranate Mojito, and Acai Blue.

You can even give LO Fruit Beverage to kids as a fun and fruity alternative to high carb and high sugar sodas.

LO Fruit Beverage Review

Obesity in America for both kids and adults is alarming. One simple change could make a powerful impact for you, your kids, and entire family.

There are so many benefits to a Low G.I. Diet, maybe that is why there are so many diets low glycemic diets. Scientific studies show the benefits too:
Improve Type 2 Diabetes Management
Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease
Improves Blood Cholesterol Levels
Prolongs Physical Endurance
Controls Appetite by Reducing Hunger and Keeping You Fuller Longer
Stabilizes Blood Sugar
Helps in Losing and Managing Weight
Balances Mood
Enhances Memory
Improves Energy Level
Helps Manage the Symptoms of PCOS in Women (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

You can even use LO Fruit Beverage in special drinks like this Pomegranate Mock Cocktail from Ingredients, Inc.

LO Fruit Beverage Review

Doesn’t it look delicious!? It would be perfect for the upcoming hot Summer evenings.

There are even more recipes on the Lo website. It just shows that you don’t have to give up taste to live healthy.

Whether you prepare a mixed drink or drink it as-is, LO drinks are perfect to take on the go, enjoy at the office, or at home.  P1320621

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Keep plenty on hand to avoid drinking higher carb and sugar loaded drinks!

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