You Can Afford to Celebrate by Shopping at ALDI

I enjoy shopping for good deals and saving money, that is why I shop at ALDI stores.  You can afford to celebrate by shopping at ALDI because they offer food at substantially lower prices – including specialty items. I can shop at ALDI for groceries and pay a lot less than at other grocery stores all year long. What I buy mostly at ALDI is produce, special cheeses, baking supplies, and wine. These are line items on my grocery list that quickly add up. By shopping at ALDI, I can give my family all the fresh produce we want – any time of year because I can afford it. I can also celebrate Christmas and other holidays with specialty recipes because it is affordable at ALDI.

Shop at ALDI this Christmas holiday season

I was given a $25 ALDI gift certificate to start my Christmas shopping.  I was on a mission. I am in charge of bringing a couple side dishes to my sister-in-law’s this Christmas.  I love to try new recipes and found some great Christmas side dish recipes on the ALDI website. I decided to try the Italian Sausage Dressing Cups for dinner tonight as a test before bringing it for Christmas. This recipe includes Italian sausage, rolls, fresh veggies, and spices that can be found at ALDI.

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It was a hearty side dish! I actually served it as a main dish for my family tonight. My 5 year old daughter and my husband had seconds. My son didn’t but he is just recovering from being sick. 🙁  I think it is a keeper!

So, want to see what I bought at ALDI?

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I found a lot at ALDI, my whole cart was about $50. I can’t pass up good deals, so there was no way I could get out of there with just $25. I know that I did good with a cart full of groceries for my Christmas shopping.  I bought baking goods for my Christmas cookie baking – including 9 jars of Maraschino cherries for my Chocolate Cherry Drops recipe because they are 1/2 the price at ALDI!  I bought treats including pecan tarts, macaroon cookies, chocolate mints, apple cider, and chocolate covered pretzels. ALDI has all kinds of sweets and Christmas themed baking kits.

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I bought a Fisher Price Batman Cave toy for my son, it was already marked 1/2 off! You’ve gotta check out the name brand toys at ALDI, you’ll be amazed at the prices.

[slickr-flickr tag=alditoys]

For this shopping trip, I focused on baking goods since I am baking all day tomorrow. I also picked up treats to have around for the weekend.  This weekend, I’ll be making a return trip for all of my Christmas cooking!  They have everything at ALDI at a fraction of the price you’ll pay at other stores.  You can get everything from award-winning wine to fine cheeses to lobster tails!
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ALDI offers a great assortment of award-winning and affordable wines including:

  • Viña Decana Tempranillo (Spain)
  • Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
  • Toca Diamonte Malbec (Argentina)
  • Villa Malizia Pinot Grigio (Italy)
  • Landshut Riesling (Germany)

If you don’t drink wine or if you want to have non-alcoholic beverages available for non-drinkers and kids, ALDI has a great assortment of Seasonal Beverages like Nature’s Nectar Sparkling Apple Cider, Nature’s Nectar Sparkling Red Grape Juice Cocktail, and Friendly Farms Egg Nog.

I always bring out fancy cheeses during Christmas and New Years Eve. ALDI offers a fine assortment of seasonal cheeses including Gouda, Edam, Havarti, Brie (my favorite!), Goat Cheese, and Brie Cheese Round.


I can entertain with high quality, “fancier” foods and recipes when I shop at ALDI because I can afford it! I agree with ALDI, with low prices, you can afford to celebrate!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for ALDI. I received a gift certificate to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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