Boxxle Boxed Wine Dispenser

My parents enjoy an occasional glass of wine with dinner.  They’ve learned over the years that boxed wines are not only more economical, but that their vacuum seals mean fresher wine, longer.  And yet some still thumb their noses at boxed wines for a variety of reasons.  Driven by the pluses and minuses of boxed wine, inventor Tripp Middleton created Boxxle, a boxed wine dispenser designed to deal with the functional and aesthetic problems posed by boxed wines.  The folks at Boxxle asked me to give their dispenser a try.  I gave the review Boxxle I received to my dad as an early Father’s Day gift.  We’ve had fun testing it out.  :)

Boxxle Boxed Wine Dispenser – What Is It and How Does It Work?

The Boxxle is a sleek-looking dispenser. It was designed to address 3 main problems with boxed wines:

  • Aesthetically, box wines needed some help.  The cardboard boxes that hold boxed wines are less than attractive.  Their appearance seems better suited for a picnic than a dinner party.  But being that they hold 3 liters (4-750ml bottles) of wine, they are a great option for entertaining groups.
  • Because the spouts of boxed wines are at the bottom, one needs to move the box to the edge of a table or counter to be able to pour wine into a glass.
  • You need to tilt the box or altogether open it to squeeze out the last glass or two of wine.




Using the Boxxle is a very simple 4 step process:

  1. Open the lid, and push down the spring-loaded lifting mechanism.
  2. Remove the wine bag from the box, twist the spout 180 degrees, and insert it into the Boxxle.
  3. Close the Boxxle lid (we needed to pour a glass of wine in order to for the bag to fit easily).
  4. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!
Boxxle Wine Dispenser
Boxxle Wine Dispenser

It’s just that easy to use the Boxxle boxed wine dispenser!  My dad (and my mom), really like this product.  From a functional standpoint, the Boxxle works well, and solves the problems of  the hard to pour boxed wine.  From an appearance standpoint, the stainless steel and black plastic casing on the Boxxle takes cardboard boxed wine from picnic to classy party in seconds.  My parents love how the Boxxle blends with their other kitchen appliances – it just seems to “fit in.”

 Cheers to Boxxle!

Our Favorite Boxxle Features:

  • Extremely easy to set up and use.
  • Beautiful stainless steel & black plastic exterior blends with most kitchen decors.
  • Side handles make it easy to move Boxxle even when full.
  • Elevated spout makes it a cinch to pour wine.

Buy Boxxle Boxed Wine Dispenser

A Boxxle Boxed Wine Dispenser makes the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and more.  Boxxle can be purchased on their website for $100.00.

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