Chop like a Pro with a Ceramic Knife

Having dull knives in the kitchen are not only unsafe but frustrating when preparing dinner for your family.  Have you owned or used a ceramic knife? I haven’t until recently when I received the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Professional Chef’s Knife to review. Let me tell you, it is SHARP! It slices through anything and everything like it is slicing through butter. I’ve really enjoyed using it to chop up and dice vegetables for soups, fruit for fruit salad, and all kinds of meat.

Kyocera-Advanced-Ceramic-Professional-Chefs-Knife-2The Kyocera Ceramic Chef’s Knife is much lighter in weight than ordinary blades, which took a couple times to get use to at first. However, the lighter weight actually makes it nicer to use when your cutting and dicing a lot of items. My hands don’t tire out. It is amazing to me how much more I enjoy cooking when I have the right tools! I really do feel like a pro when using this knife. 🙂

It even slices right through 1/2 thawed chicken!


If you are like me, you are curious at how you can cut with a ceramic blade and why it is so sharp. Basically they use diamond wheels to ground the ceramic blades to get a rock-like, sharp edge that will not dull like ordinary blades. And since it is ceramic, you don’t ever have to worry about the blade rusting.

Plus, if it ever dulls, you can mail it back to Kyocera for FREE sharpening – or use a Kyocera electric sharpener to do it at home.

You can purchase the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Professional Chef’s Knife  at retailers nationwide and on

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