Cook Your Turkey Breast Side Down with DunRite Turkey Roaster

Cook turkey breast side down

What is the best way to cook a turkey? Upside down and in the air, of course! If you want a moist turkey with a crispy brown skin, this is the way to go. We received a Camerons Turkey Dunrite Stainless Steel Turkey Roaster last week to test out and review.

 cook a turkey Upside down and in the air

I have to admit that the DunRite Turkey Roaster looks very odd, like a torture device or something! I posted it on my Facebook page and got all sorts of comments, it just looks weird and seem to go against everything we know about cooking turkey – aren’t we suppose to cook it breast side and soaked in a bag? No! Once you try this method, you won’t go back.

This method cooks the turkey upside down, all of the juices flow into the breast and legs, keeping the entire turkey moist, not dried out like traditional methods that cook breast side up. Plus, it isn’t sitting in all of the fat, making this a healthier way to cook a turkey.


Simply slide your turkey onto the saddle of the DunRite Turkey Roaster and cook in your oven at 350-375 degrees. Since it is cooking in the air, cooking time is reduced to just 13 minutes per pound. This reduces turkey cooking time by a third!

This is the easiest way to cook a turkey, there is no basting necessary. All of the drippings flow to the breast, keeping it moist as it cooks. Eventually, all of the drippings end up in your roaster (or my casserole dish since I couldn’t locate my roaster last week!).  I like that this is a healthier way to cook a turkey as it isn’t soaking up all the fat while cooking. You can use the drippings to make gravy, if you’d like.

The Turkey DunRite Turkey Roaster is dishwasher safe and folds down flat for easy storage. Buy your Turkey DunRite Turkey Roaster now in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas at  just $27 each on the Cameron’s website or on


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