Crunchy Fruit Snack to Satisfy Cravings

There is nothing as satisfying as a crunchy snack. Oftentimes those crunchy snacks are unhealthy and full of empty calories. My family has been enjoying both the crunch and flavor of Crunchies freeze-dried fruit snacks for a couple years now. They are a healthy, low-carb snack that satisfies cravings anytime of day!

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We all like to snack on crunchy foods, don’t we? Kids and adults alike. There is actually a science behind why we love our crunchy snacks.  We correlate crunch with freshness. When we chew, our brains get an auditory cue about the freshness and texture of the food we are consuming. Without that crunch or cue, we don’t feel as satisfied. The problem is that noisy foods are usually fattier than other foods. With Crunchies, you can enjoy all the crunch that you desire in a snack but with all the health benefits of fruit!

Choose from 7 different fruit combinations including Strawberry Banana, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Cinnamon Apple, Beets, Mango, and Pineapple. You can also pair those fruit with premium chocolate with their Chocolate Panned Freeze Dried Fruit collections or add a little salt with the sweet with their Trail Mix collections.  We’ve only tried the freeze-dried fruit so far but are huge fans.  Our favorite way to enjoy Crunchies is right out of the bag while watching a movie together, for an after-school snack, and packed in school lunches. I am always thrilled to see my kids reaching for Crunchies instead of chips or other unhealthy options! I’m happy to keep Crunchies stocked up in my cabinet because it is a healthy option any time of day, plus it is low carb at only about 10 carbs per serving!

If you want to think outside the box, you can enjoy the crunch of Crunchies in recipes too! Add Crunchies on top your hot or cold cereal for extra crunch, put a couple in your tea for added flavor, top your favorite yogurt for added flavor and crunch, top cream pies, top or mix into puddings, sprinkle into pancake mix, and so on. Basically add Crunchies to anything that could use extra fresh fruit flavor and crunch!

Crunchies takes prided in traveling the world to bring the best in flavor and quality of fruits and they are proud of their traceability of all of their fruit. For instance, the strawberries come from Loukkos River Valley in Morocco, one of the most fertile agricultural lands in the country for the best quality fruit. Bananas come from Fujian Province where the subtropical climate is ideal for bananas. The blueberries are from the Netherlands where the Delft Blue variety is known for being sweet, plump, and flavorful.

If you are looking for a healthy way to satisfy the craving for a crunchy snack, try Crunchies. You can purchase Crunchies on the Crunchies website as well as at retailers including Walmart and on

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