Butch’s Beach Burritos in Grand Haven, MI – Quality Fast Food – A Review

On our recent family vacation to Grand Haven, Michigan, we had the opportunity to eat at Butch’s Beach Burritos, a carry-out “fast food” style restaurant.  And while our food was made for us quickly, the quality and flavor of Butch’s food is arms above what you think of as traditional fast food.

Butch’s Beach Burritos is a Grand Haven tradition, and has been family-owned and operated since 1987.  It’s located just across the street from the Grand Haven State Park Beach, and seems to be quite the gathering place for all sorts of folks.  The night we went there for dinner, we were dining WAY late for us – 8:30, to be exact!  People were coming to Butch’s for great Mexican food from the time we pulled in until they closed the doors at 9:00 p.m.  Some where families like us, others were couples out for a drive, and a few more were young ladies still in their bathing suits from a day at the beach.  It was a neat mix of people.

outside of butch's beach burritos
On the Patio at Butch's Beach Burritos

Our Dinner at Butch’s Beach Burritos

We placed our order inside the small building, and watched the employees assemble our meals.  Within minutes, our meals were made to our order.  Both our girls ordered the nacho chips and cheese.  My husband opted for a taco, and I tried the Chicken Supreme Burrito with sour cream, mild peppers and beans – someone had to try what they are famous for, right?!  :)  In addition to the items we ordered, they also have specialty hot dogs, taco salad, and a small kids’ menu.  All their menu items are made extra special by the addition of their own, homemade 1,2, or 3 alarm salsa.  Yum!  Here’s a peek at our food:

Stuffed Chicken Burrito Supreme
Deliciously cheesy nachos

We all agreed that the food was really yummy.  Given the opportunity, we’d head back again, and would try some of the specialty hot dogs and the nacho chips supreme with meat and all the fixings.  I’m getting hungry just writing about it now!

If you are in the Grand Haven area, make sure to stop by Butch’s Beach Burritos – your stomach will thank you!

Butch’s Beach Burritos

726 S. Harbor Dr.
Grand Haven, MI

Hours: 11:00-8:00 Daily



Grand Haven, MI 49417


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Butch’s Beach Burritos who provided the meal  for review.

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