Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders in Grand Haven, MI – A Review

Pizza joints are a dime a dozen where ever you are in our great nation. We Americans are pretty passionate about the stuff! I swear our girls could eat pizza 5 out of 7 days a week if it were up to them.   So of course, while we were on vacation in Grand Haven, Michigan, one of their requests was to go out for pizza.  Lucky for them (and my husband and myself), John Weenum, owner of Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders in Grand Haven had asked us to stop by and check his place out.  My girls were all smiles!  🙂

Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders Review

On our last day in Grand Haven, we went to A & L Farm Market  and were ready to dive into some good food for lunch- we hoped Mancino’s would deliver.  When we walked in Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders door, we saw several folks in line at the counter.  It was an interesting set up, because behind the employee taking customers orders, it is completely open to the kitchen.  John shared with me that it is that way by design.  They have the highest of standards in their kitchen, and are happy for customers to be able to see the entire process of their food being made.  I liked that.

While we waited for our order to be brought to us, we found a nice booth in their spacious dining room.  Noticing that we had kids, John let us know that they had a kids’ corner in the dining room, where a bookshelf had all sorts of coloring books, games, and puzzles.  He also showed us where the girls could find their giant chalkboard wall.  Now THAT’S what I call thoughtful planning for families visiting your restaurant!  The girls busied themselves while our lunch was prepared.  My husband and I had a chance to chat, and quickly check our emails using Mancino’s WiFi service.

Mancino's has games to play while waiting for your food

The Food at Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders

We grabbed a menu, and started looking over it.  Of course the girls wanted pizza, but my husband and I thought we’d try one of the sandwiches on their extensive menu.  John had previously shared with me that they are well known for their award-winning grinders.  Our decisions made, we headed up to the counter and placed our order:  a pepperoni pizza for the girls, a calzone for my husband, and a club grinder for me.  Now, you may think all of this should have been a pretty easy decision.  Well, at your average pizza and sandwich shop, I’d agree, but at Mancino’s they have 27 grinders to choose from, each one sounding better than the next!  With grinder choices like spicy buffalo chicken, crabmeat, french dip, reuben, taco, veggie, and meatball, just to name a few, you can see my dilemma.  🙂  Mancino’s list of specialty pizzas is about a dozen strong, too, with something for every pizza preference.  The calzone menu allows you choose your own fillings so it turns out exactly how YOU like it.

Here’s our one word review: Yummy!  🙂  The girls loved their pepperoni pizza – even Lila, our finicky eater had 2 pieces. The sauce was really nicely balanced (some sauces can be too spicy, especially for kids), and the fresh dough was had plenty of pepperonis and cheese, just the way my girls like it.

photo of pizza at Mancinos pizza and grinders in Grand Haven, MI Pizza from Mancino’s in Grand Haven

My husband’s calzone, stuffed with plenty of pepperoni, salami, black olives, and banana peppers, was a sight to behold.  Definitely a treat for the tastebuds, too!

photo of calzone from mancino's in grand haven, mi
Big 'ole calzone

Last but not least was my Club Grinder.  What a perfect blend of turkey, ham, crispy bacon, melted mozarella, lettuce and tomato.   All these fixin’s were nestled in really yummy bread that Mancino’s bakes fresh everyday.  Wow!


photo of club grinder from Mancino's pizza and grinders in grand haven, mi
Crazy Good Club Grinder on Freshly Baked Bread

I have to tell you that the portions were more than generous – my husband and I were stuffed after just 1/2 of each of our sandwiches.

Mancino’s Gluten Free Menu

Once the busy lunch crowd died down, John was able to chat with us, as well as some of his other customers.  Seated at the table behind us were some ladies who had already been to Mancino’s earlier in the week.  They were in town visiting, and were singing the praises of Mancino’s gluten free menu.  In fact, the one lady told John, Mancino’s gluten free bread was so good that she had eaten her left over bread stick for breakfast!  🙂 With a quick look at their gluten free menu, one can see they have pizza and 15 different grinders to offer.  Fantastic for those that must maintain a gluten free diet.

The bottom line is that Mancino’s is a great place for families – or really anyone – to dine.  Weekly specials, generous portions, and affordable prices make it a winner.  Yummy food and a relaxed, family friendly, well thought out atmosphere make it extra special in the world of pizza and sandwich shops.

Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders

13040 US-31

Grand Haven, MI  49417


Hours 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday
Fridays til 10:30
Saturday 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.
Closed Sundays

Grand Haven, MI 49417

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