Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Myrtle Beach

Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

You’ll feel like you were transported back in time to the Medieval Times with you walk into the stone castle at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

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We were so excited for our night at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament on our Myrtle Beach vacation!

There were a couple preshows before the evening dinner and show begins where people are dubbed knights and we were introduced to the king. It was exciting to walk around as everything was decorated to look like a huge castle with vendors selling snacks and castle souvenirs.

Once inside, the show and dinner began right away. We were introduced to the knights and their horses. Each section was given a knight to cheer for throughout the show, our team was the ‘green knight’!  It was quite the spectacular show with more horses and knights than I would have ever expected!
Medieval Times

It was exciting to watch as the knights competed with games of skill, to watch their skilled horsemanship and falconry, and to was a lively jousting tournament!

The 4-course meal was delicious. We were surprised that there was no silverware – just like in medieval times. My kids thought it was great fun! Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

Thankfully the delicious tomato bisque soup was in a container with a handle. The ribs were tender, the chicken was juicy, and the baked potato wedges were tasty. It was a hearty meal fit for royalty! The apple turnover was the perfect ending to a perfect dinner show.

My daughter got a couple really exciting surprises! The green knight gave her the first carnation of the evening! She loved it! He proceeded to hand out about a dozen more but it was so special to her.

Then, toward the end, each of the 6 knights handed out special Queen of the Tournament sashes to one special girl in their section of the audience. Our knight chose Elizabeth! She was so, so proud and excited! Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

My favorite part of the entire experience was seeing my son get very involved and excited cheering on our knight. He was yelling and pointing and cheering – he really got into it! I loved it especially since he was just in ICU days earlier with the shocking diagnosis of Type 1 Juvenile diabetes. To see my son happy, laughing, and having a good time was music to my heart.

Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach
Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

I didn’t know what to expect but a good time and left with fantastic new family memories that we’ll treasure for always.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
2904 Fantasy Way
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
Phone: 843-236-4635

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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