Now Serving the Ultimate Chicken Sandwich at SONIC

New Ultimate Chicken at SONIC

I enjoyed chicken sandwiches from a variety of places, rarely do I enjoy one enough to consider it the ultimate. When I heard about the new Ultimate Chicken Sandwich at SONIC Drive-In, I figured it would be good but didn’t expect it to hold up to its name…

New Ultimate Chicken at SONIC

SONIC Ultimate Chicken Sandwich

Our power went out earlier this week in the middle of a clear, sunny day. Since my husband and I both work from home, we had to come up with other things to do. We headed out to SONIC for lunch and returned later to start installing an invisible fence for our puppy (more on that later).

SONIC offers two varieties of their new, limited time Ultimate Chicken Sandwich – Traditional with mayo and pickles and Classic with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes. We ordered both for our lunch time date.New Ultimate Chicken at SONIC

I don’t like to mess with perfection and to me that is the classic with mayo, tomato, and lettuce, however my husband requested his first so I settled for just a bite (or 2!). It was amazing. We couldn’t get over how juicy the chicken is – each sandwich comes with a six ounce, 100% premium piece of all white chicken breast. It really is the perfect combination! Sandwiching it between a bakery quality brioche buttered bun has created the ultimate, utterly wonderful combination.

The sign said to pair it with a Vanilla Lime Dr. Pepper, so he did as well as Chili Cheese Tater Tots. What an amazing combination of full flavor!

I ordered the Traditional Ultimate Chicken Sandwich with pickles and mayo. At first, I missed the lettuce and tomato that I’m so accustomed to having with a chicken sandwich.New Ultimate Chicken at SONIC After the first juicy bite, I was sold. The addition of crinkle-cut pickles with the brioche bun, mayo, and tender premium chicken is – dare I say -I in flavor. I seriously have changed my favorite at SONIC now.

SONIC got this sandwich right and the name right too, I completely agree that they are serving the Ultimate Chicken Sandwich at SONIC now, I hope they keep it although it is marked as a limited time menu item.

This sandwich is huge in flavor and size, I ordered onion rings with it and couldn’t even begin to finish everything. New Ultimate Chicken at SONIC

Usually we wait until our kids can join us for outings like this but visiting SONIC during lunch with my husband was a welcomed treat.  Enjoying the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had was a bonus! Date night doesn’t have to be a fancy night out with your spouse, sitting and talking with your spouse over an Ultimate Chicken Sandwich at SONIC also counts.

By the time we got home, the power was back on. We didn’t get back to work, instead we powered through digging a trench through our yard for our puppy’s invisible fence with enough energy from lunch. SONIC really did turn an unproductive day with a huge chore into a more positive day with my husband.

Stop by your nearest SONIC this week to check out the Limited Time Ultimate Chicken Sandwich!  Locally, you can find SONIC in Massillon, North Canton, Streetsboro, Brunswick, and Parma, Ohio.

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