What do the Cleveland Cavaliers and Burger King have in common?

Can you guess what the Cleveland Cavaliers and Burger King have in common?

They both lost their king!

Got it?

Cleveland Cavaliers lost their king, LeBron James, to Miami Heat.  Burger King lost their king due to re-imaging and new marketing campaign.

Although Burger King is always known for its (creepy) King mascot and the paper crowns they are giving away to kids at their fast food restaurants,  the king is no longer bringing Burger King any good luck.

For the longest time, Burger King had always been in the top three of America’s top 500 restaurant chains.  Sadly, the coffee joint, Starbucks, took over Burger King’s spot and went behind McDonald’s and Subway.  Bad news for Burger King.  According to Technomic, Burger King’s sales has dropped 6% in the first quarter, while 3% sales increase was gained by its competitor, McDonald’s.

Along with their new marketing agency,  Burger King decided to drop the King from the picture.  They also are in the process of giving their restaurants a new look – I hope they still retain their originality and colors, though.

New items are being added to their menu as well.  California WHOPPER® sandwich is one of them. Good news for guacamole lovers. Its latest California WHOPPER® sandwich is a twist of the known Whopper with added creamy guacamole, melted Swiss cheese, and crispy bacon.  Burger King starts airing their California WHOPPER®sandwich commercial on national TV on August 20th, 2011.

Will Burger King do better without their king?  Only time will tell.


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