What I Ordered at Fairlawn’s New CORELIFE Eatery

CORELIFE opened up earlier this summer in Fairlawn- it’s a fast casual style restaurant (think Chipotle/Piada style) that focuses on healthy fair, with tons of flavor.  When they invited our AOM family to come sample their menu I was happy thrilled!  Vegan Options are served- and all but ONE menu item is designed and verified Gluten Free.

If you haven’t been to a CORELIFE before, the seating is a mixture of patio, a brightly lit and full windowed table area, and then an inner booth/community table area. (I love the community table idea don’t you? a chance to meet new people!)

Before I get into the details- below is a quick snapshot of what we ordered- to give you an idea of what to expect in the fine wide mouthed bowls and varied menu.  Plenty of meat and carbs to go with well flavored veggies.

CORELIFE offers BOWLS!  The options are really straightforward- and you won’t feel like you have no idea how to order when you get there (I’ve found that difficult at places like this before).  You just say what you want in 2-5 words- and there’s not a thirty question dialog, unless you want to customize.

Like other fast casual restaurants, you get to see the ingredients right behind the glass.  I like the picture below because, while I above said you don’t have to add anything fancy- you can add something that looks good.

“Can you add some green onions to my bowl?”

OK- so here’s a negative- if you don’t order a GREEN BOWL, you receive an extra helping of guilt because all of the fresh leafy green vegetables are staring you in the face.  Fear not however, dear reader- you can come back for another meal and go GREEN.

SO here is what my family ordered- all chosen options were of course Gluten Free.

My 11 year old girl got a simple Power Plate- a three optioned trifecta of choice – Steak, a roasted Root Vegetable Medley, and a purple rice blend. (shown below)

I ordered a ranch flank steak rice bowl on my husband’s recommendation.  The purple you see is pickled red onion, the falafel is hidden in the back, and the arugula under ranch dressing, mixed with a purple rice blend is awesome.  (I picked off the jalapenos, I’m a wimp)  #FLAVOREXPLOSION

My 13 year old son ordered a Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice Noodle bowl- Nappa Cabbage, Cilantro, Thai Chili Sauce Spicy Bean Sprouts and more make up this delicious dish.

Lastly my husband tried a broth bowl – Spicy Ginger Steak and Rice Noodle.  Complete with shredded Kale, Scallios almonds and Sriracha, this bowl packed a strong (and welcomed!) flavor that left him more than satisfied.

Oh, to drink!  The CORELIFE line up of fresh squeezed lemonades and teas make a welcome and full flavored addition to every meal.

We’ll be sitting at the big community table when we visit again- please join us!

CORELIFE Eatery is in the heart of Fairlawn right next to City Barbeque.  Across the street from the Third Federal Bank, (across from Target too) it’s easy to find with plenty of parking.

2870 W Market St, Fairlawn, OH 44333


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