Nothing Beats These Thaw and Serve Pies at Christmas

What are you taking to all of your Christmas and holiday gatherings this week? What will you serve the unexpected guests that just pulled up your drive? Yikes! Christmastime can really put a strain on you if you aren’t prepared with a few tricks up your sleeve! How about serving a delicious, indulgent pie from EDWARDS Desserts? Simply take it out of the freezer, thaw, and serve.

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The img-products-indiv-whole-pies-pumpkinNEW EDWARDS® Desserts Pumpkin Crème Pie looks amazing and perfect for all holiday gatherings this season. It looks truly indulgent with layers of crème cheese and pumpkin topped with a double layer of whipped-crème rosettes. The crust is actually vanilla-cookie with ginger and cinnamon. Yum! Get it now since it is only available until Dec. 31, 2014.

All of EDWARDS Desserts are delicious and they have something for every taste. At a recent holiday gathering, I brought both the EDWARDS® Cookies and Crème Pie and EDWARDS New York Style Cheesecake to everyone’s delight!


The EDWARDS Cookies and Crème Pie was everyone’s favorite – kids and adults both. When I was in college, my dad would make me a cookies and creme dessert whenever I came home on break. We all love the cookies and creme, so I knew this would be a hit. This pie includes a dark chocolate cookie crust with a layer of blended vanilla creme with HYDROX cookies, topped with whipped creme and even more cookies on top. It’s rich, creamy, and oh-so delicious! This pie is perfect for parties, drop-in guests, and anytime dessert is in order. This pie disappeared in no time!


My husband and I don’t personally like cheesecake but I knew several people in my family love it, so I also took the EDWARDS® New York Style Cheesecake to the party. I added fresh raspberries for a special added touch. Several people commented on how delicious the cheesecake was. They said it was creamy and perfectly flavored, especially for a store-bought cheesecake. They were really impressed that it wasn’t homemade because it was so good.  The graham cracker cookie crust was a hit as well. I plan to bring this again at our Christmas party.P1290016

Check off “dessert” from your Christmas list and purchase EDWARDS Desserts. They make great gifts as well! Everyone will enjoy them and you can spend your time on something else…like eating pie! 🙂

You can find these and many more EDWARDS Desserts at your local grocery store. Locally, in the Akron, Ohio area, they can be found at Giant Eagle, Acme, and Target.

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