FAGE Greek Yogurt Review

Are you looking for a 100% natural yogurt for your family? I always keep yogurt on hand for quick and healthy snacks.  I was recently introduced to FAGE Yogurt, a Greek yogurt. FAGE Total is 100% Natural, with no added sugars, sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives. FAGE is just raw milk, cream and live active cultures.

FAGE comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. The first thing I noticed about FAGE compared to other yogurts was the thick, creamy texture. One single serving container of FAGE is filling. It is perfect for a healthy, satisfying snack or addition to your lunch. My husband agreed that it was more filling than other yogurts. FAGE is big in Greece and just opened a production facility in New York in 2008.  Their unique process is what gives FAGE yogurt its distinct taste. It takes about 4 lbs of raw milk to make 1 lb of FAGE Total yogurt!

picture of FAGE Yogurt Varieties
FAGE Yogurt Varieties

We tried several of the single serving FAGE yogurts with the fruit stir-ins. There are many varieties of FAGE Total 0% nonfat yogurt including plain, raspberry, strawberry, peach, cherry, blueberry, cherry-pomegranate, blueberry acai, mango guanabana, strawberry goji, and honey.

picture of FAGE with Strawberries
FAGE with Strawberries

If you are new to greek yogurt, I suggest getting one with a fruit stir in. The fruity flavor matches perfectly with the creamy texture. It takes a bit of getting use to when you take the first bite because it is not the watered down yogurt you may be used to. FAGE is delicious and nutritious for the whole family.

I’m just learning to use yogurt to cook an bake with. I plan to try some FAGE recipes like Smoothies, Apple & Cinnamon Muffins, Iced Chocolate Parfait, Zucchini Fritters with FAGE Total Greek Yogurt, and  FAGE Total Greek Yogurt Macaroni and Cheese too. It will give traditional recipes a healthier spin.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to FAGE who provided the products for review.

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