5 Things that Make Healthy Snacks Appealing and Funky Monkey Review

Running your kids to school, sports, playdates, etc. means that everyone has a lot less options for healthy eating.  Check out these 5 Things that Make Healthy Snacks Appealing.

  1. Taste.  This seems like a no-brainer, but the universal demand is for something that appeals to the taste buds, no matter what age they are. The younger demographic tends to be a little more picky, so if you can capture their devotion, the adult component is a piece of cake (no pun intended!)
  2. Convenience. As busy parents shuttle their children to soccer practice and beyond, it only makes sense to bring snacks in the car. Items that don’t need refrigeration and come in smaller sizes are perfect for transportability and allow for both parties to enjoy during all that travel time.
  3. Healthy. While this factor is definitely more of a score for adults with their own health goals in mind, kids love it too because an adult almost never says “no” to a healthy snack, which can quickly turn it into a reliable favorite!
  4. Fun. Colorful packaging, a familiar character on the side or a great back story to the product can quickly send healthy snacks to the top of the list for kids and adults. To reverse the above rule, kids definitely have the stronger affinity for such tactics, but adults love it because a cartoon can make a healthy snack appealing and encourage a child to eat fruits, vegetables and other important staples that might not otherwise seem appealing.
  5. Variety. Young or old, everyone likes to have a choice, even if they end up playing favorites. Snacks that come in many different flavors and colors provide what seems like an endless array of options for kids or the kid-like part of any adult.

Funky Monkey Review

Funky Monkey nails all 5 things that make healthy snacks appealing! We were able to review a variety of Funky Monkey snacks this month and are hooked!

Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks
Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks

Taste – there is no doubt about it, Funky Monkey snacks taste great! I like all of the flavor combinations and so do my kids!  My son’s favorite is Applemon – hearty sized apple slices with a touch of cinnamon.

Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks
Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks

Convenience – Funk Monkey crunchy fruit snacks come in 1 oz size containers, which doesn’t seem like much but when you consider that the fruit is freeze-dried, you can see how the 1 oz really is quite a lot. If I send a bag with my kids for lunch, they don’t normally finish the whole bag because it is actually a lot of fruit. It is perfect for keeping a bag or two in the car for a healthy, crunchy snack while out and about. I also like that it isn’t something that is going to melt in the heat or freeze in the cold. I can keep Funky Monkey crunchy fruit snacks with me all the time and they remain fresh and ready to eat.ddd

Healthy – Funk Monkey crunchy fruit snacks are made up of 100% Real Fruit with No sugar added – how much healthier can you get?!  Shh – my kids think it is a treat!

Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks
Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks

Fun – Funky Monkey is all about fun – just look at their name and monkey logo! 🙂 They use bright colors for all of their packaging that draws kids to it like candy.  They do a great job at making something healthy look fun and exciting.

Variety – There are 7 varieties of Funky Monkey snacks to try and enjoy.  This allows you to give your kids choices – and no matter what they pick, it is always a great, healthy choice.  I also like the Funky Monkey Carnaval Mix because it has a great variety of fruits in one bag.

Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks
Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks

Funky Monkey snacks meet the 5 things that make healthy snacks appealing and more. What surprised me the most is how crunchy they are. Sometimes, when dieting, it is hard to find a good-tasting crunchy snack. Funky Monkey gives me all the crunch I need to feel satisfied.  It is kinda like crunching on potato chips but without the fat, calories, oil, and guilt! 🙂

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Pick up a couple bags and try them out yourself – great for kids and adults!  You can buy Funky Monkey Crunchy Fruit Snacks locally in the Akron, Ohio area at Target, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and on Amazon.com. Find your nearest location here.

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