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With so many people developing allergies or living a gluten-free or vegetarian lifestyle, it can be difficult to know what to serve to keep everyone healthy. I always want people to feel welcomed at my home, especially when it comes to being able to eat.

Garden Lites is a brand that is peanut-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and packed with veggies! In fact, vegetables are the first and primary ingredient in every Garden Lites product.

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I’ve been serving my family Garden Lites muffins since I found them at Costco last year. Nobody can tell that they are mostly vegetables – my kids love them! And I love that it is a quick and easy way to give my family more vegetables – did you know that only 1 in 10 American eat their daily recommended amount of veggies? This is a quick and tasty fix!

Recently I was at a party and there was a girl that had a severe peanut allergy. I thought that what I brought would be fine because it was peanut-free but her allergy was so severe that the mother has to make sure that ingredients weren’t even processed in a facility that processed other foods with peanuts. Her daughter couldn’t eat anything that anyone brought to the party. My heart was sad. The next time we got together with them, I brought Garden Lites muffins, frittata, and veggie cakes. The mother was almost in tears and the daughter had the most huge smile and thanked me for bringing food she could eat. My heart was very happy.

For the party with the girl with the peanut allergy, I served both savory and sweet foods from Garden Lites.

Everyone loved the Superfood Veggie Cakes are like mini quiches. This savory cake is packed with kale, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, red bell peppers, and more. It makes a hearty breakfast, lunch, or snack. I like to use the Superfood Veggie Cakes as a quick and healthy side dish for dinner – my kids love it and it is ALL vegetables so I feel good serving it to my family any time of the day. I just pop it in the microwave for less than a minute and it is done or warm in my oven for about 12 minutes.

Garden Lites makes two frittatas too – Veggie Bacon & Potato and Spinach Egg White. Both are only available at places like Costco currently. I’ve found them at the Boston Heights Costco! Their frittatas are loaded with flavor and veggies plus 5 grams of protein each! Talk about a quick, easy, and filling breakfast! We also enjoy frittata as side dishes for lunch and dinner and as hearty and healthy snacks.

Garden Lites muffins come in a variety of flavors including Double Chocolate, Banana Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Oat, Ninja Power, Spongebob Chocolate Krabby Square, Carrot Berry, and Cranberry Orange. We’d tried and loved Double Chocolate – taste like chocolate cake but fudgy like a brownie, Blueberry Oat which is my all-time favorite muffin flavor, and Banana Chocolate Chip which is a favorite flavor combination for everyone.

 At the party, I kept the muffins wrapped as an extra safety measure of cross-contamination – from other foods on the table. The mom of the girl with allergies was extra thankful for this precaution, plus, it made it easy for kids to pick their own food and transport to the table without messes. The first ingredient in all three is zucchini but trust me, your kids won’t notice! Each Garden Lites muffin is moist, flavorful and delicious. Plus, allergy-friendly beyond belief as they are gluten free, soy free, peanut & tree nut free!

You can purchase Garden Lites at Target, Giant Eagle, Heinens Supermarket, Costco, Meijer, Kroger, and more in the freezer section. Find your local retailer and download a Garden Lites coupon here.

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