Give Kids a Hot Lunch at School with Thermos

Now that cooler weather is finally here in Ohio, it is more important now than ever to send kids to school with a hot lunch. My kids want to ‘warm up’ with a hot lunch when it is cold outside so I use Genuine Thermos Brand products to provide them with a healthy, hot lunch every day. They have products for every age group from young kids to adults including Disney characters like the new Finding Dory movie.

Give Kids a Hot Lunch at School with Thermos

Disclosure: I received products from Thermos L.L.C. as compensation for the post, and Thermos L.L.C. did not influence any opinion of this product. All views and opinions expressed in the post are my own and no other compensation was provided.

My daughter loves her Finding Dory Thermos brand FUNtainer product.  I can pack hot lunches in the 10 oz food jar and they will stay hot for at least 5 hours, which makes it easily to her lunch period at school. Or, I can send cold items like pasta salad without the fear of anything going bad during hot months without additional ice packs. My kids have always enjoyed picking out their favorite characters for the school year and Finding Dory was at the top of the list for my daughter.

In the Thermos brand bottle, I can send milk, juice, water, lemonade, or anything my daughter wants to drink. It keeps it cold for up to 12 hours! This makes it perfect for hydration all day, including lunch. Give Kids a Hot Lunch at School with Thermos

I actually send a Thermos brand bottle with both of my kids for their daily water bottle. Their water stays cold and refreshing all day long which means they drink more water.  Checkout all of the Thermos brand FUNtainer products to find your child’s favorite color or design. They make excellent, practical Christmas gifts too. You’ve gotta throw in a few practical gifts, right? 🙂

Another really cool Thermos brand product that we’ve enjoyed is the Vacuum Insulated Sleeve with Microwavable Food Jar. It uses vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot (4 hours) or cold (6 hours).  The inner liner is microwaveable and dishwasher safe making it very, very easy to warm up, pack, and clean afterward.
Give Kids a Hot Lunch at School with Thermos
Even though the outer shell is made with durable stainless steel, it stays cool to the touch even with hot liquids and is sweat-proof with cold food. What I like most about Thermos brand is that it makes it so easy for me to pack healthy, hot lunches for my kids. How else could they enjoy something like Turkey Sweet Potato Hash with Baked Eggs and other family recipes?

Give Kids a Hot Lunch at School with Thermos

My kids eat a lot healthier when I pack their lunches. They consume a lot less calories and carbohydrates. I know this for a fact because my kids are both Type 1 Diabetics. I count carbs in every meal I prepare for them. When they pack, they normally consume about 50-60 carbs for lunch. If they buy lunch at school, they consume between 80-100 carbs. Which is healthier?! Packing with Genuine Thermos Brand products – every single time. Plus, they are enjoying a larger variety of foods – it’s not just pizza, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers.

The secret to packing hot lunches is not only in the Thermos brand food jars but in the Thermos brand lunch boxes.Give Kids a Hot Lunch at School with Thermos

If you pack a food jar in a normal lunch bag with cold items, the food jar is likely to warm up that cold food. If you purchase a Dual Compartment Lunch Kit, you are all set. The cold food stays cold and the hot food stays hot because they are in two different compartments. Plus, there are extra pockets on the outside for drink containers, napkins, etc.

A Genuine Thermos Brand system makes it easy to provide hot, healthy lunches for kids. I’ve used Genuine Thermos Brand products for years with excellent results. Their products are not just for kids either – packing your lunch for work is a healthy option for you too. Plus, it saves a lot of money compared to eating out every day – and with school lunches too.Give Kids a Hot Lunch at School with Thermos

Check out all that the Thermos Brand has to offer on the Thermos website. Happy Hot Lunch Packing!

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