Keep Food Fresh Longer with Built-in Vacuum Sealing

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Do you remember the TV commercials for large, expensive vacuum machine to vacuum seal foods? They did the job but took up a lot of space, special plastic bags, and were timely.

Vacuum sealing food is an excellent idea, it keeps your food fresher for longer.  I was just introduced to the Good Cooking line of Vacuum Seal kitchen products that vacuum seals food with built-in technology into kitchen products.

vacuum seal food

I received a food dome and food canisters to facilitate this post.

All I can say is that Good Cooking is genius. They took the remarkable technology of vacuum sealing foods and added it to items we already need and use daily. There is no additional equipment necessary!

Vacuum Seal Food Dome

I don’t know what I ever did before the Vacuum Seal Food Dome. It is amazing! It is a cake plate and vacuum sealer all in one. It is perfect for cakes, bakery, cookies, and more. It keeps everything fresher for days longer.

vacuum seal food dome cake plate

Simply place food onto the cake plate and press the red button on top to vacuum air out. It will take a few moments to seal, you’ll hear a soft sound. It is battery operated. When you are ready to open the food dome, just press the top open and the vacuum is released.

We even tested it out by placing a sliced apple inside the dome – it actually kept the apple from browning for days!!

The Good Cooking Vacuum Seal Food Dome would make an excellent gift for the baker in your life anytime, especially at Christmas. It is perfect for taking dessert with you this holiday season too.

You can purchase the Vacuum Seal Food Dome on the Good Cooking website or for $37.99.

Vacuum Seal Food Canisters

Another genius idea is having food canisters with built-in vacuum sealing technology. The Good Cooking Vacuum Seal Food Canisters automatically seal dry goods with a push of a button. This is perfect for any dry products like coffee, tea, oats, beans, rice, cereal, as well as fruit.

vacuum seal food

Not only does the vacuum keep your food fresher for longer but it keeps them safe from household pests too. Ordinary canisters can’t do either. Just look at how clumpy sugar gets in an ordinary canister.


I haven’t tried it yet, but you can even infuse marinade meat at a fraction of the time with them.

You can purchase the Vacuum Seal Food Dome on the Good Cooking website or for $27-47.99.

Order Good Cooking Vacuum Products

I really like my Good Cooking Vacuum kitchen products. I like that they are practical items that include vacuum technology and benefits all in one product.

The vacuum technology in all Good Cooking vacuum products constantly monitors the pressure inside the canister, if the seal is broken or the pressure drops, it will automatically vacuum the air out. This took me by surprise the first few times it happened, I had no idea what was going on!

The Vacuum Food Dome and Canisters would make excellent gifts for anyone on your list. Great for single people as well as families.

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