Help Me Identify these Backyard Ohio Mushrooms

Do you know a mushroom expert in the area?  Do you know a naturalist who loves to identify fungus?  How about a chef who starts his shopping in the backyard?  I would like your help!

My husband picked and disposed of 35 POUNDS of mushrooms from our backyard last month! He so wanted to discover which ones were edible, but, he got scared. Maybe YOU know a mushroom expert and can help identify these mushrooms for us?  Please comment below according to the photo number about what you think we have in and around our yard!

If you are wanting someone to help you identify YOUR mushrooms- check out this up to date Ohio Mushroom Enthusiast Facebook Group!

#1 Flat Fungus we often find on rotting wood
#2 Mushroom Exhibit 2, Fringed Edges on Forest Floor
#3 Mushroom From Forest Floor, Bright I know!!
#4 Flappy Edges Mushroom from Ohio Forest Floor
#5 Found this one after its prime, but these brown topped mushrooms were everywhere
#6 Stuck inside near the trunk of a rotting tree- Mushroom
#7 One of the tougher forest floor varieties we saw
#8 The Kids’ favorite mushroom to knock down in the woods!
#9 – This mushroom seems like it is all dressed up with its frills
#10 – This hard stemmed mushroom had an slight purple tinge to its hue. Found in the lawn under a pine tree
#11 – This super mario mushroom was found under a pine tree. Others like it were more vertical in nature.
#12 – Big, Fat, and Messy in the Yard.
#13 – These little toad umbrellas are cute, until they smash under the lawn mower and leave a black mess
#14 Frilly Dancing Mushroom Found in the lawn
#15 Mushroom Growing from a Stump in the yard.
#16 – This is the most beautiful, Scariest Fungus I’ve ever seen! This was all we found.
#17 Elijah came running up with this one at the end of out tour- who knows where it came from!

And don’t worry, we are not going to be eating any mushroom without a trained naturalist being on site with decades of experience identifying every specimen before we try ANYTHING.

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