How to Have a Successful Vegetable Garden

Take these steps this Spring to have a successful vegetable garden this Summer.
1.    Know Your Region

The success of a vegetable garden depends largely on where you live. Location affects rainfall, sunlight, temperature, growing season and the type of soil you have. Before starting a garden, get to know how Mother Nature works in your area and research which plants have more success.

If you live in the south, certain plants will need to be planted early, such as carrots or potatoes. Others, such as cantaloupe thrive in the heat. If you live in an area with a short growing season, choose plants that blossom and fruit quickly.

2.    Have Good Soil

If you don’t have naturally good soil in your area, you may need to bring in topsoil and create a raised bed. Test your soil to see if it has all the nutrients it will need to produce a good garden. Before planting, be sure the soil is tilled and prepped for planting.

3.    Work with Mother Nature

Once your garden is planted, work with Mother Nature to water your garden and get sunlight. If it tends to rain at certain times, adjust your watering plan accordingly. In addition, arrange your plants in the garden to ensure they can all access sunlight without taller plants blocking light from the shorter plants. Finally, certain vegetables tend to thrive together while others inhibit each other. Research the plants you plan on using to ensure they are placed in the best relative positions.

4.    “Listen” to Your Plants

Just because the seed package says one thing, doesn’t mean you have to continue watering a plant every week if it seems like the plant is being overwatered. Pay attention to how plants respond to the attention you give them and adjust your care as needed.

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