Interested in learning about Canning and Drying your Garden Harvest?

I think its pretty universal that there is jealousy of the advanced homemakers around us are able to can, pickle, or dry food harvested in the fall. It always seems like an amazing art that they stole from the “Mystical Book of the Little House on the Prairie”. There’s awesome foods that come out any time of year, and the pride of self sufficiency is in the air when a mason jar is opened.

So, you can get Grandma to teach you, or you can learn the best techniques from a full color Step-by-Step Guide! Daniel Casteiger’s book-The Yes You Can! Book has a great layout that is easy to read

So Tell me, What Should I do Right Now?

I am very excited that I got to work directly with Daniel Casteiger the author of this book .  He’ll soon be posting a guest post on our blog regarding a introductory course regarding the canning of tomatoes- which, if your yard is like mine, are in full bloom right now!  I can’t wait to share!

Internal Pages from "Yes, You Can!"

So, how hard is this book to read?

Certainly, I’m one of you.  Canning sounds scary-

  • Are their vacuum pumps involved?
  • What’s with the vinegar?
  • Do the foods taste the same?
  • What about the equipment?

Everything is broken down in simple English.  It makes canning and food preservation accessible to such an AkronOhioMom- expect listing of needs settings, ideas, volumes, amounts, everything- in almost, dare I say recipe format?  –  Daniel really brings the teaching of food preservation methods to the reader from a first person perspective.  There’s lots of

  • “My mom ever so rarely…”
  • “The first time I…”
  • and “My wife loves”

type language.  It brings the whole process to a personal level, and its not just a book but a real teaching tool.  This is the kind of language I like to read- and I think its what I write too.

There’s also a lot of

  • “It’s nice to..”
  • You’re not Supposed to..”
  • “If you prefer..”

hints and tips listed in the pages of the book.  It gives some leeway in how and what you can do- and allows the food preserver (YOU!) lots of options, l like that.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed reviewing the pages of this book, and I have my heart set on applying some of the techniques that I read this year.  Watch for my posts!

Get this great book!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Daniel Casteiger who provided the meal  for review.

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