Your Family will Love Kate’s Real Food Bars – Guaranteed

Kates Real Food Review

If you are looking for a healier snack option for your family that will give them energy, nutrition, and plenty of flavor, look no further than Kate’s Real Food Bars. They guarantee that your family will love them and so do I!

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Fall in Love with Kate’s Real Food Bars

I don’t throw the word “love” around too easily and certainly not often when it comes to food, especially ‘healthy’ food. Kate’s Real Food Bars is the exception.  Made with certified organic, gluten free, non-GMO, and Koser ingredients, you know you will have a healthier snack for your family. Their flavor combinations are right on too with flavors for kids and adults to devour.

I’ve reviewed many healthy snacks over the years. Some are really good nutritionally but not amazing in flavor. Kate’s has it all – they are so delicious that you’ll feel like you are having a treat, more than an energy bar! We had the chance to try all 6 flavors and each and every bar taste incredible.  They are a hearty size too, thick and sizeable (many energy bars are flat and tiny) so you really feel satified after eating the bar.

I know it is a big no-no to post pictures of food with bite marks. I hesitate to post the below picture but I really wanted to capture the texture of Kate’s Real Food Bars because it’s incredible. Can you see how moist, thick, and packed with flavo this bar is? All Kate’s bars are made in small batches, not one homogenous mix like other bars on the market. You can taste each individual flavor and texture of the organic ingredients. It’s not just one mesh of flavor like other bars.

Not only will you love the bars but your kis will too with plenty of kid-friendly flavors like peanut butter dark chocolate!  You can feel good about giving your kids these energy-packed bars too beacuse they are made real food. I love that they are low carbs too.  Many energy and protein bars are good for you but loaded with carbs and sugar. You’d be surprised at how many carbs are in ‘healthy’ bars!  My kids are type one diabetics, so we like to have low-carb snacks on hand because they don’t spike blood sugar and they require less insulin.  I’ve found that if a snack bar has low carbs then they have artificial sweeteners, something I also try to avoid. Kate’s Real Food bars are made with no artificial sweeteners, just natural, organic honey which tastes better and is good for bees too.  Kate’s Real Food bars are just 13-20 carbs per serving with plenty of protein to drop that number even lower for diabetics. I love this! Even if you aren’t dealing with type one (or two) diabetes, lower sugar and carbs is good for you.

My kids love Kate’s Real Food which delights me. I pack them in their lunch and in their backpack for after-school or sports practice snacks. We also keep them with us when we take long hikes in the woods to keep our energy up!  They are perfect for an afternoon snack at work too – they will keep you focused and your tummy from growling until dinnertime! Like I said, Kate’s Real Food comes with a love-it guarantee. If you seriously don’t love them, they’ll make it right.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious snack for your family, I highly recommend buying a combo pack so you can try out all the flavors with your family. You can also purchase Kate’s Real Food on with free prime shipping.

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