Lower Cholesterol with Corazonas’ Heart Healthy Snacks

Before you start packing your child’s lunches for school again, I wanted to share a little about a trustworthy company I just discovered. The company, Corazonas, creates snacks that are healthy and delicious and specifically lower cholesterol. It is amazing to me that I can decrease my risk for heart disease just by choosing to munch on Corazonas’ healthy snacks.

Corazonas chips

My family received samples of Corazonas’ oatmeal squares and tortilla chips to try for this post. While looking into the company, I discovered Corazonas infuses their oatmeal squares and tortilla chips with plant sterols, known as phytosterols, which may naturally lower cholesterol. In fact, you would need to eat 44 pears, 30 apples, 36 bananas, 53 green peppers, 36 onions or 61 tomatoes to get the same amount of phytosetrols found in just one of Corazonas’ oatmeal squares.

corazona oatmeal squares

As a busy mom, Corazonas’ oatmeal squares are just what I have been looking for – a quick “go to” snack when I am in a hurry. I feel confident in giving my children the oatmeal squares, too. The oatmeal squares are all-natural and provide servings of whole grain, fiber and protein. The oatmeal squares also contain an impressive amount of vitamins. We enjoy warming our Corazonas’ oatmeal squares in the microwave for 20 seconds!


The oatmeal squares come in blueberry; chocolate brownie almond; chocolate chip; cranberry flax; peanut butter; and white chocolate macadamia, which is my personal favorite.

The whole grain tortilla chips by Corazonas are awesome, too. The flavor choices are black bean and cheese; lightly salted; or squeeze of lime. They are light and crispy and hard to put down! It is important to note these chips are gluten-free and provide a hearty portion of plant sterols for lowering your cholesterol, as well.

corazonas my chips

Corazonas’ heart healthy snacks can be purchased online at http://shop.corazonas.com/. The oatmeal squares and tortilla chips also are sold at Costco, Walgreens and The Vitamin Shoppe.

corazonas oatmeal

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Corazonas who provided products for review.

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