Enjoying Millstone Coffee Morning, Noon, and Night #MillstoneCoffee

Morning Coffee with Millstone

My husband and I have been enjoying the Millstone Coffee morning, noon, and night with their two new delicious varieties Millstone® Mayan Black Onyx™ and House Blend™.

Millstone Coffee is known as offering “A Cup Above the Rest” for their premium, slow-roasted coffees.  One sip and you’ll understand why.

This sponsored conversation with J.M. Smucker Company. I received product and a promotional item to facilitate this post.

Enjoying Millstone Coffee in the Morning

What would we do without our morning coffee?! For many of us, it is the only way we can wake up and start the day. With school around the corner, it will be even more vital!

For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of Summer with breakfast on our back porch and a perfect cup of black coffee. What could be better?

Morning Coffee with Millstone The new Millstone House Blend should be staple for any coffee lover. It is the perfect balance between dark and light, keeping everyone in the house happy. This medium roast coffee if full of flavor and oh-so smooth. I enjoy my coffee black when I’m pairing it with something sweet like waffles with fresh fruit. It offers the perfect balance. Simple perfection!

Enjoying Millstone Coffee at Noon

I have become addicted to iced coffee this Summer It is the perfect way to cool off while re-energizing! For me, I enjoy iced coffee at noon or later in the day.

One trick that I recently picked up on was to freeze brewed coffee in ice cube trays and use that in my iced coffee. It prevents watered-down coffee from melted ice cubes! As the coffee ice cubes melt, it adds new bursts of rich coffee flavor to my iced coffee. This is a must for any iced coffee for me now!

Millstone Iced Coffee

If you like to try new recipes with coffee, check out the Millstone website. They have everything from iced coffee to coffee caramel flan to 3 bean java chili and everything in between! I enjoy coffee any way I can get it – dark, sweet, creamy, iced, hot, and in food and dessert recipes!

This is my favorite iced coffee recipe.

I add coffee ice cubes to my glass first. Next, I add vanilla on the bottom (I use Nielsen-Massey Tahitian). Next, fill your cup with coffee. For this recipe, I used the Millstone House Blend but you might want a darker roast like the new Millstone Mayan Black Onyx. Next, I add about 3 TBSP of sweetened condensed milk (don’t you love my Cow Creamer?!). Stir and enjoy!
Millstone Iced Coffee

This recipe is refreshing, sweet, and smooth – perfect for any day but especially as a pick-me-up on hot Summer afternoons.

Enjoying Millstone Coffee at Night

My husband and I are not a big drinkers but enjoy serving special drinks, especially with guests over. My husband and I have found ourselves outside on our front patio more often as a family, couple, and with friends since we had our new concrete driveway poured this Summer. It has been a fun place to relax and entertain.

We have been enjoying coffee – hot and cold – often in the evening as we unwind from the day but still need that extra little boost for a long evening ahead.

Millstone Coffee at Night

For me, caffeine doesn’t affect my sleeping, if it does for you, try the try Millstone Hazelnut Cream or French Vanilla Decaf flavors.

The new Millstone Mayan Black Onyx Blend is perfect for dark coffee lovers. I’ll be sharing my favorite ways to enjoy this blend in an upcoming post.

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How and when do you enjoy your coffee?

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