Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Menu

Whether you are attempting to expand your current visitor base or trying to form a connection with customers visiting your restaurant, there is no denying that an effective menu can serve as a powerful marketing tool. A well-designed, minimalistic, and trendy menu design can help consistently improve profits for any restaurant. To ensure that a menu is achieving its target, a restaurant owner must design it in a particular manner. The expenses of running a business can pile up quickly! Therefore, owners may design one using a menu maker like Vista Create to save a few dollars and avoid the hassle of hiring a professional graphic designer.

What Are the Mistakes to Avoid?

For any restaurant or fast food chain, the menu is undoubtedly one of the finest marketing tools and influences a guest’s first impression. It displays food offerings and helps customers form a sound image of the brand before they place an order. However, remember that a customer looks at a menu for around a hundred seconds!

Therefore, it is an unspoken fact that a restaurant’s menu has an impact on the customer’s overall experience and even profits. While designing one often comes across as a simple task, you must avoid these mistakes at all costs.

1- Poor Menu Descriptions

When designing a menu, it is best to close your eyes and think like a prospective customer. No customer wants to read unnecessarily long and poor-formatted descriptions when deciding what to have for lunch. The descriptions must generate sales and spike a customer’s interest. An effective menu must persuade and appeal to a customer. However, filling a menu with poor blocks of text is where most restaurants mess up.

It is best to give a crisp and brief description of the items you serve in your restaurant. Explain if the dish is hot, cold, sweet, or sour and if it contains any allergens. Long and tedious descriptions consume too much space, drive customers away and cause unnecessary frustration. Therefore, brief and to-the-point descriptions that paint an accurate image in the customer’s mind about the food they are ordering are the best route to take.

2 – The Menu Features Too Many Items

Sitting at a restaurant with a long menu with hundreds of items can be extremely frustrating! Long menus with hundreds and hundreds of items can lead to confusion among customers and significantly slow down the ordering process. While most restaurant owners often think that a long and comprehensive menu helps customers recognize that they have a wide range of options available – this is not always the case.

Long menus can hurt a restaurant’s sales as customers take more time to order due to the wide range of items available. Ultimately, this means that you would end up serving fewer customers. Additionally, maintaining the stock required for a more extensive menu can be a nightmare!

Therefore, it is best to concentrate only on your restaurant’s most-selling items and specialties. To do so, you may refer to your performance report and study which dishes contribute the greatest to your sales and which items generate fewer sales! Once you are through with studying the performance reports, you may choose to remove the items generating fewer sales from your menu. Doing this will help save space and reduce the operating costs required for producing that item.

3 – Outdated Design

Believe it or not, the design of your menu is a massive contributing factor to how effective it is. Creating one that is simple, trendy, and aesthetically pleasing to customers is essential. Restaurant menus that perform the best are the ones that do not stick to one design only.  Nothing must be permanent! You must flow with the trends and alter your menu design every once in a while to provide one more reason for the customers to return.

As mentioned, the best way to go about this is to review the items’ sales reports frequently. Study which items sell the most and direct your efforts toward creating similar variations. While some dishes remain timeless, many come and go. Therefore, you must update and alter your menu design frequently and remove the poor-performing dishes.


A well-designed and practical menu is the optimum way of generating more sales and expanding your fanbase. Many owners fear change. However, consider menus as an investment and as the ideal opportunity for elevating your annual profit.

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