Healthier Alternatives for Improved Health

We are all looking for ways to be healthier. We make hundreds of decisions daily that can add up to healthier or not lifestyles.  Swapping out a few items here and there for healthier alternatives can really add up to improve our overall health. Below are a few items I’ve discovered this year that are easy swaps with healthier benefits. Check them out to see if you could benefit from swapping out with them as well.

Eat Your Coffee

We all enjoy our coffee, or the caffeine from it! Swap your cup for a naturally caffeinated snack made with the healthy goodness of organic dates, oats, and roasted coffee beans!

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There are benefits of caffeine found in coffee like mental clarity, focus, and even energy stimulation that can help sustain intensity while working out. DRINKING coffee is soooo last year, eating your coffee is the way to go this year if you are looking for healthier alternatives to improve your health. With Eat Your Coffee! you get the benefits of a caffeine boost but you also get a satisfying organic snack to keep your body fueled for the day ahead.

Each healthy snack equals the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Let’s compare Eat Your Coffee to other ‘energy’ products because they are not all the same!

Eat Your Coffee has more caffeine, more nutrition, and less sugar than competitors! Buy Eat Your Coffee on the Eat Your Coffee website or

Eat Chocolate

Living healthy doesn’t mean saying no to sweets, especially chocolate. ChocZero makes it perfectly ok to say yes to chocolate with their low carb, sugar free chocolate Keto bark!!

Each bar is a decadent chocolate treat without being loaded with sugar. Their Keto bark is made up of premium cocoa beans, sea salt and a monk fruit fiber blend that is perfect for a healthier snack. There is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. This is one healthy swap that your whole family will agree on! My kids love it and I like that it is low carb since they are Type One Diabetics.

This is much healthier than snacking on ordinary chocolate. It is the perfect snacking size to pack for lunch or afternoon treat!  Purchase in a variety of flavors on the ChocZero website and on

Swap Out Flour with Organic Coconut Flour

I don’t know about you but with I love baking when it is cold outside. This Better Body Food’s Organic Coconut Flour is a healthier alternative to ordinary flour. Use it in your muffins, brownies, quick breads and other bakery to add dietary fiber!  Each 16 gram serving adds 23% dietary fiber to any recipe! If you are on a low-car or paleo diet, you’ll love the benefits of fiber. It helps balance out the carbs and helps maintain a more steady blood glucose level which is key for healthier living.  Plus, you’ll receive benefits of coconut oil in every bite.

It is easy to turn any recipe into a gluten-free recipe with this coconut flour. When swapping out flour for Organic Coconut Flour, you can substitute coconut flour for 20%-100% of wheat flour. You’ll want to add 2-3 eggs and 1/4 cup of extra liquid for every ½ cup of coconut flour used for the best results. Some recipes may require a binding agent like as chia, flax, tapioca starch or xanthan gum to keep your end product from crumbling.

Smelly Proof

Food should be enjoyed, not smell up the fridge! Let’s face it, some of the healthier foods are smelly like fish and strong cheeses! Smelly Proof bags allow you to enjoy those foods without adding lingering smells in your fridge! These super-tough bags come in a variety of sizes and are made with special medical grade material to keep the smells locked in. The tight locking seal keeps it securely closed.Switch to these bags to make your healthier lifestyle less smelly!

Smelly Proof is perfect for your home for foods as well as other uses! Toss your dirty gym clothes in after you workout, store fish bait in the bags or your day’s catch when fishing, store food while camping so bears can’t smell it (they have been bear tested!) and more.

Think of any smelling situation, if it can fit into of of their variety of sizes, it will keep those nasty smells sealed away until you can take care of it. Purchase Smelly Proof bags on their website or


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