Packit Freeze & Go Cooler Lunch Bag keeps food cold for 10 hours!

Keep Food Cold for Hours with Packit

(Updated Article after 6 months of use, read below) Do you abide by the rule of tossing out food if it is unrefrigerated after 2 hours? What about when you pack your kids lunch, at the beach, or traveling? It is easier said than done but the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service recommends that you throw out food that has been unrefrigerated for 2 hours, 1 hour if it is 90°F or more.  I’ve struggled with this for my kids’ lunches. The food can be in their lunch boxes for 3 or more hours before they even get a chance to eat it! The freezer packs are large and bulky, especially for young kids small lunch boxes, plus they always get lost.

Further Update: It’s June 2013 and I still use my PackIt every day!!!

Two moms had the same problem with packing lunches for their kids and they decided to do something about it. Jeannette and Melissa decided there must be a better way to keep their kids lunch cool, so they invented Packit.  Packit is a large bag that is basically an entire freezer pack. It delivers 360° cooling and keeps food cold for up to 10 hours! These moms created this product for moms so they did everything family-friendly. The fabrics are made of lead-free materials and the cooling gels are non-toxic.

picture of Packit insulated freezer pack personal cooler lunch bag
Packit insulated freezer pack personal cooler lunch bag

Hands on Review of Packit Freeze & Go

The major selling point for me is that the Packit Freeze & Go Personal Cooler Lunch Bag keeps food cold for 10 hours! Using Packit is ideal for school lunches, office lunch and drinks, hiking, camping, traveling, sporting events, on-the-go moms for baby bottles, basically anywhere you need to keep items cold.

I placed a box of Dreyer’s Fruit Bars in my Packit to show you the size of this bag. You can really pack in items in this bag and even use it for transporting cold items like this on the way home from the grocery store. It is big enough for even the hearty appetite of your husband for his lunch or drinks for the whole family on an outing!

picture of Packit is a large size personal cooler
Packit is a large size personal cooler

Don’t worry about the size, it folds down compact and small to place in the freezer. We are getting into the habit now of just placing it the freezer when we are done so it is ready for the next use. This is just a genius idea that I can’t believe wasn’t thought of before. I’m so happy to promote a product that addresses the needs of every mom and was developed by moms. Martha Stewart also Packit was a great idea and had the founders on her show.

picture of Packit  on Martha Stewart
Packit on Martha Stewart

I started sending the Packit for my daughter’s lunch at school. I know that once Spring and Summer hits Ohio, this will be my go-to bag for cold drinks and snacks as we go out and about, hiking, traveling, etc.

picture of Packit is a great collapsible personal cooler
Packit is a great collapsible personal cooler

Update on the 10 hour lunch cooler bag

Its been an entire summer since this article has been written, and I’ve kept the Packit in my freezer every day. We use this 10 hour cooler bag about 3 times a week. The material has lasted well and its still in excellent condition. The velcro is still working very well, and this lunch bag is simply the best thing out there. I STILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Packit. Oh yes, I almost forgot- it did its duty on the beaches of the OuterBanks during the heat wave- and kept our drinks cool on the 115 degree sand!

Buy Packit Freeze & Go Personal Cooler Lunch Bag

You can buy the Packit bag in a variety of colors, click on any below to see all styles.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Packit who provided the products for review.

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225 thoughts on “Packit Freeze & Go Cooler Lunch Bag keeps food cold for 10 hours!

  1. Elizabeth Towns says:

    Visited the PackIt website and found out this product has been on Martha Stewart, and that it keeps food cold 5 times longer than other cold packs. Have two kids packing lunch everyday – this is an awesome product!

  2. Jennifer Bellisario says:

    I visited the PackIt website and learned they are having a bogo sale! Got to love a buy one get one free sale!

  3. susan smoaks says:

    i learned that packits are buy one get one free right now and they keep the item cold for up to 10 hours!

  4. Nancy says:

    I learned this was created by 2 single mothers and that it uses revolutionary cooling technology! Love the BOGO offer too!

  5. Nancy Meyer says:

    I learned that it can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  6. Tammy Kennedy says:

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  7. Tammy Kennedy says:

    “Like” AkronOhioMoms on Facebook
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    Tammy Kennedy

  8. Tammy Kennedy says:

    To keep stuff cold when we would travel from florida to ohio or for the day at the beach etc
    I would always put bottled water in freezer and the cooler in our big freezer
    that why stuff stayed cold as water melted we had cold drinks and it keep the food cold
    so this idea they have created is so fantastic as living in florida we are always drinking

    Love the colors and designs, my daughter would love the aqua color
    Oh I wish I had money they have buy one get one free
    They will also give you 30 days of recipes ebook
    They were on the Martha Stewart program

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner
    Thank you for all your time, effort and hard work


  9. sara t says:

    Packit’s not just for lunches but anywhere you need to keep items cold.
    sarabeth.thomas at gmail dot com

  10. Amber Porter says:

    You can save hundreds every year and they have a BOGO sale going on right now.
    skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

  11. Jenny Strahley says:

    Great idea to keep foods cold for 10 hours! Will be great to take to baseball games this summer!

  12. Toni Alabakovski says:

    I learned there are 4 different color styles. Also I wonder does it make everything else wet around it from condensation?

  13. Lisa Pattison says:

    I saw this the other day advertise at my son’s house. I thought it was an awesome idea. I think a lunch box that you can freeze the night before and then use it for 10 hours is a great way to offer kids a variety of lunches. My kids would like to bring salads for lunch instead of sandwhiches every day and this is the perfect way to do so. I am going to order not just for my kids but for my husband and myself too. Thanks for this product. Lisa

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  15. Jenni Ward says:

    This is a fantastic product! I didn’t know how large it really was! That makes it even better.

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  17. Michelle says:

    I learned about the 3 different colors that they come it. I love that it keeps food fresh for 10 hours, so I don’t have to throw away all the left over food from my daughter’s lunch.

  18. Wendy Babbitt says:

    Gel packs only last 2 hours. Packit lasts 10 hours. Daphne Brogdon says you can pack things like cottage cheese, tuna, cheese, and even smoothies.

    It sounds great.

  19. Jill says:

    I learned that you put it in the freezer and it is avaiable to use. This product is really a good idea.

  20. Angela says:

    I like the idea that the bag is the ice pack. My kids have a tendency to lose things and with a two in one – it makes it harder to lose!

  21. sheila says:

    This would be great anywhere. Especially for all school aged kids. Like my daughter. She loves the colors. I follow packit on twiiter.

  22. emma says:

    I LOVE IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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