Bring Back Family Dinners with ParTake Kitchen!

Ah, the family dinner. It used to be a time to come together and reconnect after a day of work, school, and chores. It was an anticipated time for relaxation and discussing the events of the day over a plate of home-spun delight. (Well, not always…I’m still not a fan of mom’s meatloaf. Sorry mom.)

Unfortunately, gathering around the family dinner table to eat a home cooked meal is a fast-fading tradition. Kids need UberMom (or UberDad) to deliver them to evening extracurricular activities, and many parents work outside the home, making it hard to cook and sit down to a traditional dinner.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about a new meal service called ParTake Kitchen that will be opening soon in Medina! I knew I just had to meet Laura Kanieski, the brainchild of this smart idea, who is helping busy parents bring back family dinners!

ParTake Kitchen uses all the same real-food ingredients that you’d use in your own cooking…so who cares if you aren’t the one doing the cooking? No one has to know! You get the same high-quality, healthy, and delicious “home-cooked” meal in less than 40 minutes…without all the planning, work, and mess!

What’s even more exciting? ParTake Kitchen caters to those with food allergies and sensitivities. Laura has crafted a menu of delicious meals that fit the Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) approach to food sensitivities. These meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, and nightshade-free…but full of taste! She will also work directly with clients to modify recipes when necessary.

How does ParTake Kitchen work?

Laura is currently constructing a new kitchen and is awaiting final approval from the the health department. She hopes to open very soon! Until then, you can view her website here and get on her mailing list so that you are first to know when her “drive thru” is officially open!

The following picture illustrates how the service works:

What does it cost?

The meals are $12 per per serving. For a family of two that comes to $24. For a family of four it’s $48. I don’t know about you, but the last time I went to the grocery store to purchase all the ingredients I needed for a steak dinner with twice-baked potatoes and a salad, I think it cost me more! And this is easily less expensive than eating in a restaurant! A true value!

What is Autoimmune Paleo (AIP)?

According to Laura, AIP is a “much stricter form of the Paleo diet“. While you’d probably lose weight doing AIP, it’s not intended as a weight loss diet due to it’s extremely strict nature. It is meant to be a plan that can help people who suffer with autoimmune conditions decrease inflammation and heal the immune system and gut mucosa. The AIP plan can help people dramatically reduce symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases and food sensitivities. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that some people can reverse their autoimmune condition when the diet is followed religiously.

The AIP plan eliminates all potential sources of inflammation, including grains and legumes, some nuts and seeds, dairy, soy, eggs, and nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers).

How can I find Laura and stay up-to-date on ParTake Kitchen?

You can sign up to receive emails and view the ParTake Kitchen website here.

You can also follow Laura on Facebook and Instagram.


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