How to Make a Shark Watermelon

I have always seen pictures of watermelon “art” in the form of a shark, turtle, etc but thought I could never be creative enough to make one. Yesterday, I was looking for something to bring to a potluck and came across a Shark Watermelon picture. I guess sharks and the ocean are on my mind from all the Cape Cod articles I have been posting this week!

My husband thought we could handle it – I wasn’t so sure – but we did! It actually took a lot less time that I would have thought – just about 20 minutes. Our kids thought it was so cool and wanted to help too.

SharkWatermelon (6)Everyone loved it at the party!

This would be perfect for Labor Day Weekend parties.

How to Make a Shark Watermelon

Shark Watermelon Ingredients:

  • Oblong watermelon – a seeded watermelon would be best but we used a some-what long seedless watermelon
  • Toothpicks
  • Grapes for eyes
  • Sweedish Fish
  • Blueberries and Lime if you want to add our jellyfish creation to it.

Shark Watermelon Directions

1.  Wash the watermelon
2.  Cut about a third of the watermelon at a diagonal angle, this is where the watermelon will sit on your platter, you want it to look like the shark is coming up from the water

SharkWatermelon (2)3.  Draw a rough outline for the mouth and eye sockets
4.  Use a knife to cut the mouth out, then trim about 1/2 inch or so of the green rind for the teeth area

SharkWatermelon (3)
5.  Remove all of the watermelon and cut into pieces – we like to cut long rectangle pieces instead of small squares
6.  Use a knife to cut the teeth into sharp teeth – similar to cutting out a jack-o-lantern

SharkWatermelon (4)7.  Trim the green rind exposing the white teeth. SharkWatermelon (5)
8.  Use a left-over watermelon rind to create a dorsal fin and attach to the back with toothpicks.
9.  Cut the eye sockets out and trim the green area  out around the eyes. Use a toothpick to attach a red grape for the eyes.

SharkWatermelon (11)10. Place some cut-up watermelon on a serving platter and place shark on top.
11. Fill the shark with lots of cut-up watermelon.

sharkwatermelon12SharkWatermelon (10)

Jellyfish Accents

We used blueberries skewered on toothpicks and attached to a piece of lime to create little jellfish accents. It was my husband’s creative addition and kids loved it! We also added Swedish fish candies in the mouth and around the platter, which the kids loved too!

SharkWatermelon (8) SharkWatermelon (7)

Enjoy! If you like it, pin it!


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