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picture of Easter Gummy Carrots Candy from

It is time for the Easter Bunny to get the Easter Baskets ready – that means, YOU Moms and Dads. I recently found an online store that offers a great assortment of all your favorite and unique Easter Candy  as well as healthy alternatives to Easter Candy, and Easter Baking supplies on Review

I love making Easter Baskets for my kids. It is so fun to gather products from all over to delight and excite my kids! Although I always include lots of Easter Candy in their baskets, I do like to include healthy alternatives to Easter Candy as well as toys too. I like that I can get 2 out of the 3 on

Healthy Alternatives to Easter Candy

I’m really glad I found this website because we love to snack on nuts, trail mixes, and dried fruit year round.There are plenty of Healthy Alternative to Easter Candy from We were able to review their Extreme Trail Mix ($5.49/lb) and Roasted Cashews ($9.99/lb). Both are great, kid-friendly options for the Easter Basket. The value is amazing, only second to the quality. The nuts and trail mixture offer gigantic pieces and taste delicious.

picture of Healthy Alternative to Easter Candy from
Healthy Alternative to Easter Candy from

After trying out their Cashews, I’m hooked on the quality and the price! They are perfect, delicious, and addicting.

picture of Roasted Cashews from
Roasted Cashews from

Easter Candy from

Choose from old Easter Candy favorites that you are sure to sneak from your kids’ baskets too like jelly beans, spring colored Jordan Almonds  and Speckled Robin Eggs.

Check out some new Easter Candy varieties too:

You can’t go all healthy for Easter Baskets! We were also able to review the Easter Yogurt Pretzels ($4.99/lb) and Easter Gummy Carrots ($3.99/ lb). My kids will flip over these treats!

picture of Easter Candy from
Easter Candy from

Actually, I don’t mind putting things like the Easter Yogurt Pretzels in my kids’ lunches as a treat. It isn’t so bad as ‘candy’. I like that has all the nutritional information on the webpages so you know what you are getting before you buy anything. The pretzels were yummy and had fantastic Easter colors that make them very festive.

The Easter Gummy Carrots are absolutely adorable and once again, addicting. I’ve eaten way too many of them already because I really like gummy candy. They taste very fresh and will be a big hit with the carrot design for Easter!

picture of Easter Gummy Carrots Candy from
Easter Gummy Carrots Candy from

I was 100% satisfied with the quality, selection, and prices from I will be shopping here for nuts, snacks, and treats from now on. And if you are not 100% satisfaction, they will make it right their their satisfaction guarantee. has been in business since 1929, they know how to treat their customers!

Buy Easter Candy and Nuts

There is still time to buy your Easter Candy and healthy alternatives to Easter Candy on Order today and it will be shipped today!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to who provided the products for review

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