Nut Free Cookies by Skeeter Snacks for Easter Baskets

Kids want to feel like they belong, they don’t want to feel excluded. Sadly, about 8% of kids today have peanut or tree nut allergies and feel excluded all the time from delicious treats that their friends at school get to have and even feel cheated out of goodies in their Easter Basket. Nut allergies are the most dangerous food allergy and it is on the rise for various reasons.

Nut Free Cookies by Skeeter Snacks for Easter Baskets

This year, your child can have the an Easter Basket filled with goodies just like all the other kids with Skeeter Snacks.  Skeeter Snacks were developed by 2 dads that have kids with nut allergies. Skeeter Snacks offer 100% nut free cookies in several varieties that kids (and adults) love.  You never have to worry because they are completely nut free cookies, made in a facility that is completely nut-free.  Instead of adding candy and snacks that can’t offer you the same guarantee, let the Easter Bunny load your kids Easter Basket up with delicious Skeeter Snacks.

Skeeter Snacks Nut Free Easter Baskets
Skeeter Snacks Nut Free Easter Baskets

If you have a child with peanut or tree nut allergies, you know how hard it is to find completely nut free cookies.  Even if you don’t have a child with the allergy, you probably still find that you have to provide your children with nut free products when sent to school for snacks and even lunch.

We never want our children or any child to feel excluded, yet even products that we think are nut-free could have been processed in a plant that also processes nut products.  Recently, I brought a snack to my son’s school for his birthday. I brought a chocolate chip cookie cake since I thought everyone could enjoy that. The little girl in his class couldn’t have the snack because it could have been made in the grocery store kitchen with nut products. I felt bad that she couldn’t enjoy the cookie cake with the rest of the class.

Skeeter Snacks are perfect for bringing a treat for school parties at school – every child will feel included.  They are great to take to any social gathering where there may be a child with a nut allergy – which is likely since 8% of kids have a nut allergy.

Skeeter Snacks Review – Nut Free Cookies

Thankfully, my kids don’t have nut allergies. That being said, they have friends in their classes that do have nut allergies. I have to provide nut-free snacks every day for my kids since they eat next to their friends with allergies. Now that I know about how safe and delicious Skeeter Snacks are, I can feel good about giving them cookies now and then that are safe around their friends.  We were able to sample all the yummy varieties of nut free cookies from Skeeter Snacks this week.


My favorite is Skeeter Doodle. It a familiar Snickerdoodle cookie that is soft, chewy and delicious.  You can’t tell that it is a special nut-free cookie but you’ll feel good knowing that the extra safety precautions are there for those with allergies.

I should also explain that the Skeeter logo is of a squirrel that is allergic to nuts.  He wants to enjoy tasty snacks like his other squirrel friends and with Skeeter Snacks, he can – just like your kids can enjoy the same snacks the other kids have – with Skeeter Snacks.


The Skeeter Snacks Chocolate Chunk Cookies are amazing. It is a good chocolate chip cookie. I noticed that the texture is a little different, by design. It is actually crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside – just like their website says. When I bit into it, I thought it was going to be crunchy but was surprised when it was chewy. What I like best though are the choclate chips. They are made with really good, high quality chocolate – you can just tell by the way they melt in your mouth.

My daughter loves her Skeeter Snacks chocolate chunk nut free cookies too!

My girl eating Skeeter Snacks for Nut Free Cookies
My girl eating Skeeter Snacks for Nut Free Cookies

If you can’t get enough chocolate or are a chocolate-holic, you’ll go nuts over Skeeter Snacks Chocolate 3. It is chocolate cubed. It is a chocolate cookie filled with chocolate chips and chocolate chunks. This is a perfect over-indulgent looking treat for Easter Baskets – don’t you think?

peanut_free_triple_chocolate_cookiesThe Skeeter Golden Oatmeal nut free cookies are also a personal favorite. They taste great and flavorful, filled with Californian Raisins. I could actually taste the Allspice in them, which is a good thing. :) Whether in an Easter basket, lunch box, school party, or at home, this is a tasty treat anytime.

peanut_free_oatmeal_cookiesI’ve been packing Skeeter Snacks in my kids lunches and for snacks over the past week. It is the perfect size with just 2 cookies in each package. My kids have been commenting about the treats I surprise them with each day.  They like all varieties! :) I explained to my kids how it is a special cookie because their friends with nut allergies can have them too, they went on to explain how their friends have to bring in special snacks for parties. I plan to bring in Skeeter Snacks for the next school function that I’m involved in so that everyone can feel included.

Buy Skeeter Snacks Nut Free Cookies

You can buy Skeeter Snacks Nut Free Cookies on the Skeeter Snacks website for $3.99 a dozen (6 packs with 2 cookies each).  There is also a store locator to find a retailer near you.

There is still time to buy Skeeter Snacks for your children’s Easter baskets and school parties. Give them the treats they want and deserve.

Skeeter Snacks for Nut Free Easter Basket
Skeeter Snacks for Nut Free Easter Basket

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