Slow Down Your Mornings with Nonni’s Biscotti

Most mornings, I am rushing my kids to get ready so that we can drop my oldest daughter, Grace, off at school. I’m sure I am not the only mom that has this as a norm. One way I have found that I can slow my mornings down a bit and take some time to myself is eating a small breakfast of fruit and yogurt or a small bowl of cereal and waiting until after my daughter is at school to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Nonni’s Biscotti is a great addition to a morning cup of java. I rarely have coffee anymore because I am trying to avoid caffeine for my bun in the oven. However, some mornings, I feel like I definitely deserve it and it is a great way to relax. Nonni’s Biscotti has two great flavors that I tried out recently, Cioccolati and Salted Caramel. Both my husband and I favored the Salted Caramel and they quickly disappeared! The Cioccolati is equally as delicious with almonds and dark chocolate covering the bottom of the biscotti.

Enjoying some hot chocolate with my biscotti on a wintery morning.
Enjoying some hot chocolate with my biscotti on a wintery morning.

I received product to facilitate this post. 

Indulge in Nonni’s Biscotti Without Ruining Your Diet

I love that I can have Nonni’s Biscotti for a little snack or for a light breakfast without feeling like I over did it. They are really indulgent and I really love to dip them in my coffee. My daughter, Claire, likes to have a cup of hot chocolate with a piece of biscotti. It’s almost like a little tea party and I can tell it makes her feel like a big girl. Nonni’s Biscotti is only 100 calories per single piece of Salted Caramel Biscotti and 120 calories per piece of Cioccolati Biscotti.

NonnisBiscottiYou can purchase Nonni’s Biscotti as well as yummy Nonni’s products at your local grocery stores like Giant Eagle and Walmart. They have tons of different flavors for every taste bud. Our family loves to buy Nonni’s products for a nice indulgent snack or for myself and my husband for a smaller breakfast. Delizioso!


This is not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you Nonni’s for providing the product for this review. 

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