On Snack Duty? Bring Snacks Kids Will Happily Reach For

We all get to be on snack duty at school, sports practice, church, clubs, play dates, and more. We all want to be the cool mom that brings a snack kids will happily reach for. It is a fine balance between bringing a snack kids will want to eat vs something healthy vs something tasty. With two teens, I’ve had plenty of snack duty and I’ve found one of the favorites is sweet and healthy.

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Even next to chocolate chip cookies, kids will happily reach for delicious, sweet Halos mandarins every time. As you may know, AkronOhioMoms is helping with an inner city school in Akron. I delivered donations of school supplies and uniforms that you all donated earlier this week to the kids. They were very appreciative. We decided to make a party of it. I was once again on snack duty, something I’m very use to as a mom of two kids of my own!

The kids eagerly reached for Wonderful Halos during the party. What was funny is that the teacher also had cookies for the kids, sometimes the kids chose the Wonderful Halos over the cookie – although they could have both. What I LOVE about Wonderful Halos is that kids love eating them. Yes, they are always sweet and juicy bu they are also fun, as proof in the picture below!

I love seeing smiles on kids’ faces. Is there anything better than that?! Whether it is my own kids or the kids that I’m really enjoying getting to know at this inner city school, I love seeing kids happy, smiling, and eating healthy. Teaching kids that you can enjoy a healthy snack that is actually good for you is so important – at any age. I love how convenient Wonderful Halos are for kids to peel – they have to be the easiest fruit for kids to peel! What I found very interesting is that the kids had ordinary oranges in their lunch bags on the day that I delivered Wonderful Halos. I saw several oranges on their desks, untouched. However, the same kids pick up my Halos mandarins and ate them right away. Kids want to be healthy but need it to be easy.

Speaking of easy. At home, make fresh fruit easy and readily available for your kids. Placing fruit out for your kids to see and grab is the easiest way to get them to choose that over something unhealthy.

I keep fruit like the jar above out for my kids all the time but especially when they have friends over, birthday parties, and for sleepovers. I like to make it easy for kids to grab a healthy snack when they are at my house. Such events are normally full of junk food – certainly we have our share  but to avoid a sugar rush and upset tummies, it is good to keep healthy snacks on hand for such times as well.

I still pack my kids’ lunches every day. I often put Wonderful Halos in their lunches because it is a good burst of Vitamin C during cold & flu season, they are low carb at about 12 carbs each (we count carbs because they are type one diabetics), and because they are an easy fruit to peel and eat at lunchtime. I’m still the mom that likes to write notes and stick them in their lunch bags. How sweet is this little note to my son below?Totally off topic but a lot of fun, our kids are smart and when given the choice, they will often make the right decision.  The folks at Wonderful Halos know that our kids are smart too and have made some really fun and clever videos around that theme.

I’m sure you will be called upon soon to take on snack duty. Be sure to pick a snack kids will eagerly reach for with Wonderful Halos – get the 5lb bag/box at a retailer near you and on Amazon.com.

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