Sugar Luv: Where the Easter Bunny Shops!

Sugar Luv Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

In this local business spotlight, I’ll take a look at my all time favorite candy artist: Sugar-Luv, located at 410 Chestnut Blvd in Cuyahoga Falls (near the Sheraton/YMCA area).

Sugar Luv Cuyahoga Falls OhioSweets are not normally my thing, unless, we’re talking dark chocolate covered salted caramels, then there’s no stopping me.  And, friends, these are the best ones ever made!

Honestly, there’s nothing in this cute little shop that I would not dive into, given half a chance.  Especially these gooey caramel crunch bars!
Sugar Luv Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
My kids ADORE everything in the store, especially the caramel chocolate apples.  We like to buy one, and cut into slices to share.
Sugar Luv Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
This store is really top notch, both in terms of the quality of their candies, and confections, but also their customer services, and business practices.  Only the best ingredients are used, and they take no short cuts.  Fudge is kneaded on cold slabs of marble to attain the perfect consistency, and their caramel is made fresh.  If you have any questions, the staff are more than accommodating, and there’s even a free caramel for first time customers!

Sugar-Luv for Easter

This is where the Easter Bunny shops in our house.

Sugar Luv Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

There’s all the Easter classic chocolates ready to go:  solid milk or dark chocolate rabbits, crosses, ducks and so, so much more.  Whether you are shopping for holiday treats, or just looking to satisfy that sweet tooth, Sugar Luv is the place to go!

Sugar-Luv Store Hours and Location:

Sunday & Monday: Closed, Tuesday – Friday: 12:00 – 7:00, Saturday:  12:00 – 5:00

410 Chestnut Blvd
Cuyahoga Falls 44221

Phone: 330-474-9869

410 Chestnut Blvd
Cuyahoga Falls 44221

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