sweetriot Chocolate – Tasty Little Cacao Morsels…

I know, what the heck is Cacao?  To put it simply- Cacao Beans are what chocolate comes from.  Let me get right to the point of this post – the sweetriot company works with farmers in Latin America through fair trade relationships (meaning farmers earn a decent income) in gathering healthy and organic ingredients for their chocolate bars.

What they produce are incredibly, incredibly rich pieces of candy in their new riot bars.  Do read on – this is NOT like any Hershey bar you’ve ever had…

sweetriot chocolate treats are fair trade
sweetriot chocolate are fair trade

Coming in 60%, 70%, and 85% PURE cacao/chocolate varieties, you have to try them all to see where your taste-buds light up, and where they explode!

riot bars are luxury chocolate
Incredible Flavor – Pure and Honest

The packaging for the product is fun!  The foil wrapping gives it that golden ticket feel, and the colorful outside makes it fun- but the wording on the label is pretty much in black and white- so you know what you are getting when you pick them up at the store.

sweetriot chocolate bar
yes, its extremely rich

It’s Darker than Dark Chocolate, let’s just say that.  The pieces BREAK off,more like peanut brittle than a candy bar.  The 60% bar has ‘crunchy nibs’ inside- which, are, well, I am not sure- but they are crunchy and taste like chocolate!  Each square shown above is between 20 and 21 calories- so, you can strive for portion control, maybe.

Full Flavor for pint size people
Even little ones can tell – this is GOOD CHOCOLATE!

Inside the wrapper you get a fun little surprise- to enjoy while you eat your wondrous piece of candy!  And Don’t worry- even though I show my little Olivia in the picture, and even though she got to sample , don’t worry, I just gave her a small bite and saved the rest for me and the adults for later!

Inside A riot Bar
The Paper Wrapper of the 3.5 oz Riot Bar Brings out the Fun!

Buy sweetriot Chocolate Bars

You can find sweetriot riotBars across the country in independent retailers, and in Whole Foods.  The large 3.5 oz bars are $3.99 and are worth every penny.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to sweetriot who provided the products for review.

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