Do You Want to Be LesserEvil?

I know I want to be LesserEvil! LesserEvil is a snack food brand that is healthy for you. That’s right, I said HEALTHY! Their snacks range from organic popcorn to chia crisps and the Super 4 snacks.

LesserEvil is the first snack brand that is actually “good for you”.

There are plenty of snack brands that claim to be “better for you”, but that doesn’t mean that they actually benefit you, normally these types of snacks are still just empty calories. LesserEvilvariety

I received product to facilitate this post.

LesserEvil wants to encourage their customers to think about what they are putting in their bodies, our country has a serious problem with obesity, and while not all are caused by over-eating, we need to be mindful of the food we put into our bodies and that we expose our children and families to. When you put healthy foods into your body, you will no doubt become a healthier person overall. LesserEvil snacks have nutritional value and are really tasty on top of that! As soon as the package of LesserEvil snacks came to my door, my family just pounced on them!

LesserEvil Snacks are a Healthy Alternative

LesserEvil believes in using as many organic products as possible, with organic popcorn and beans as the base for their snacks. They only use non-genetically modified ingredients and have moved away from refined sugars. All of their snacks are empty calorie free and gluten free.

Their Super 4 Snacks have the ingredients listed right on the front of the bags, and with gourmet flavors like Roasted Red Pepper, Kale and Roasted Garlic and Nacho Cheese, it is easy to find a flavor for everyone in the family to love. My husband loved the Roasted Red Pepper, and my youngest daughter’s favorite was Nacho Cheese, while my oldest daughter and I loved Kale and Roasted Garlic.

LesserEvil Red Pepper

LesserEvil Organic Popcorn is a Healthy Choice for Anytime

My kids loved the LesserEvil Organic Popcorn! Each of them had their favorites. Grace loves the Buddha Bowl Himalayan Sweetness popcorn. It had just a hint of sweetness with organic coconut oil and Himalayan mountain salt. On the other hand, Claire loves the Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink popcorn. This was a saltier option with a bit of organic coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt. It was a great go-to option for snack time or for movie night and each of them had exactly what they wanted.

LesserEvilGirlsGrace and Claire love to be LesserEvil!

LesserEvil Snack Food in a Store Near You

You can find LesserEvil snacks at a store near you. To find out which stores, visit and use their store locator to find a place near you. If there are not any stores close to you, you can order a box of snacks direct from their website or from Amazon.


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This was not a paid post. All views and opinions were my own. Thank you to LesserEvil Snacks for providing the product for review.

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