Why you’ll say “When I Was a Kid Ketchup didn’t…”

The future of ketchup is upon us everyone. No joke! It seems kind of funny to even talk this way, but its true. No this is not a brand inspired post about the benefits of Lycopene, or the reason why Hunts is better than Heinz, or vice versa. Its about THE BOTTLE.

It turns out that a team of researchers at MIT got together to solve a problem that has plagued Americans and their French Fries for, what, over 100 years? They’ve invented a solid/liquid coating that, when applied to the inside of a glass or plastic bottle, allows the contents to pour out LICKITY SPLIT.

Check out the video- Slow loading but AMAZING!

Are fast Ketchup Bottles Safe?

Is this another chemical being added to a bottle, yes.. But it will be tested to make sure its safe by the FDA crowd.. Whats good and green about this idea is that, between all of the types of foods it will be used with, this new fancy coating should help save 1MILLION TONS of food every year. THat’s just, a lot.

Your Future

So, when you are in your twilight years, and the world has saved 70 Million Tons of Food and put all the leftovers in a store house in Tanzania (it could happen) you’ll tell your now young children about the pounding and the butter knifing and the sadness, and they’ll just look at you like an old fool.


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