ZHENAs Slim Me Tea Review

I think we can all agree that most of us are trying to live healthier lives. Finding new ways to do this in a tasty way is the best way to incorporate healthier options into our lives. Over the past year, I have almost eliminated carbonated beverages for better health. I do feel a lot healthier. I have been drinking more tea and was happy to try out ZHENA’s Tea in exchange for a review.

ZHENA’s Slim Me Tea Review

For me, I cannot stick to a diet or include products into my life if they don’t taste good. Lucky for me, I was able to sample some very delicious varieties of ZHENA’s Slim Me Tea: Raspberry Mint, Cranberry Ginger, Peach Vanilla, and Superfruit Mixed Berry

zhenastea (5)Tea has been the buzz in healthier living for years. ZHENA’s Tea leads the way and has been featured on Dr. Oz, Oprah, Rachael Ray or Good Morning America for its wonderful health benefits.

One way to lose weight is to stop drinking soda – pop- coke. If you drink a large soda a day, you could lose 32 pounds in one year by replacing the soda with water! Do you drink more than that? Then double it! If you only drink 1 can of soda a day, you would still lose 15 pounds in a year if you stopped.

ZHENA’s Tea is a tasty, healthier alternative to better health and weight loss. I have been enjoying all the flavors in a tall glass with ice this week.

zhenastea (3)If you are on the go, simply add a ZHENA’s Tea disc to your bottle of water for fresh brewed tea all day long – I even refill the bottle and get more tea throughout the day!

zhenastea (2)Raspberry Mint is my #1 favorite but I have enjoyed all the flavors. The one that took me by surprise was Peach Vanilla, I just didn’t think I would like the flavor combination at all – and I do!

On cold days, I enjoy hot tea. ZHENA’s Slim Me Tea is delicious hot too! I especially like the Cranberry Ginger served hot. I normally brew a pot of tea in the morning and drink the first cup hot, then ice the rest for the remaining part of the day. They recommend drinking 3 cups of ZHENA’s tea a day, once before each meal for weight loss results.zhenastea (4)

I can’t say that ZHENA’s Slim Me Tea has made me drop 15 pounds in a week but I do feel better than when I drink soda! I am satisfied too because of the delicious flavors and little kick of caffeine – not much, just a low 20 mg.  I know that if I continue to drink this tea rather than soft drinks, it would be an excellent addition to my daily health and diet plan.

ZHENA’s Slim Me Tea has more benefits than just the flavor and taste – even thought that is what I look for first! It also helps increase metabolism and energy levels without the jitters of high levels of caffeine that other teas may contain. It also helps promote a healthier digestion system and suppresses appetite.

You can purchase ZHENA’s Slim Me Tea in tin contains of 30 tea bags each for $9.99 at Rite Aid Stores and online at www.ZHENAS.com.

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