A New Blimp in Akron without a Name

There’s a new Goodyear blimp in town.

Our beloved city is one of few in the country that can see a blimp on the horizon at least once a week during the summer. It even flies over my house during certain Indian’s baseball games. My family enjoys feeling the pulse of its propellers, similar but lighter than a helicopter- as it rumbles over head. The power and girth of the slow moving giant overhead is a sign of, well, home.


Check out the new blimp!

A NEW Airship will be coming to town- this next generation state of the art Good Year Blimp will be making history at its unveiling today! The only problem is, this blimp doesn’t yet have a name.

New Blimp’s Construction Video

It’s beautiful to know that this blimp was made in the Suffield, Ohio Hangar. Not made in China 🙂  It turns out that this is the first semi-rigid blimp ever built at this facility.. Go Ohio!


Name the Blimp, then take the Ride!

Hometown Company Goodyear is sponsoring sponsoring a “Name The Blimp” contest running today through April 4th. I am thankful that Goodyear’s CEO Rich Kramer did not take it upon himself and choose the name from a list that marketing put together. Corporate Naming always ends up looking like business people didn’t want to upset the apple cart- Take the new Olive Garden logo for instance- cheesy.

Anyway, back to the contest-

This is one of the things that makes Akron Special. Thanks Goodyear!!
Enter Here: www.Goodyear.com/NameTheBlimp
Enter Here: www.Facebook.com/GoodyearBlimp

The contest winner will get to enjoy the Goodyear Blimp for a day this upcoming season!

I am entering the contest myself- but I have to figure out a name that showcases Tire Performance, Blimp History, Community Engagement, and Grace.  Tough one.  I think I’ll have to ask my kids.


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