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SMITH’S just released a fun new game app for mobile devices called “Herd of Heroes.” This fun game app features 5 bovine superheroes, Hooved Justice, Dozer, Lady Lasso, Bullseye, and Chocolate Crusader! These superheros battle it out with the eveil Dr. Fizz.  Dr. Fizz wants to replace our planet’s milk supply with evil cola concoction.

Herd of Heroes

So, what are the “Herd of Heroes” Superhero Powers?

  • Dozer unfortunately was hit by a runaway milk-hauling semi-truck that gave him the power of unbreakable bones and the strength of 1,000 bulls.
  • Hooved Justice has the super power of speed
  • Lady Lasso has the super power of a golden lasso
  • Bullseye shoots arrows from his bell
  • Chocolate Crusader has super power skills in cow-fu

Together, the “Herd of Heroes” is ready to fight for our planet!

I tried out the app and it is really fun. Dozer speeds around in his superhero cape collecting milk cartons and gallons for points. It has a Super Mario feel to it as you can jump to different levels, collecting points along the way. There are also pits you want to avoid. I died several times as I am not so video game inclined as others. The music is upbeat and fun too.

SMITH’S did a good job linking their brand to the younger audience with this fun game app that both kids and adults can enjoy playing on their mobile devices. I know we are always on the look-out for fun apps.

Download the “Herd of Heroes” Game App

You can get a FREE demo version of  “Herd of Heroes” at, the App Store, and Google Play.
Full version of  “Herd of Heroes” is 99 cents.

Is your family drinking enough milk?

The National Dairy Council recommends kids ages 9 years old through adulthood should drink 3 cups of milk a day to improve their diet.  Milk is nutrient-rich and the #1 food source for 3 of the 4 nutrients that both kids and adults aren’t getting enough of – calcium, potassium, and vitamin D.

Milk is provides several of the essential nutrients our bodies need to build strong bones. Kids even know this! I’m sure this is why my daredevil son Elijah hasn’t broken a bone yet!


Did you know that milk can also help you maintain a healthy weight and manage your blood pressure?

Actions speak louder than words, if you want your kids to be healthy and drink milk – you should do. Your diet and health depends on milk too!

Reach for SMITH’S Milk at the grocery store. SMITH’S milk taste fresher longer because of the yellow jug, passing more of milk’s goodness on to you.  Other milk jugs can lose up to 25% of vitamin B2, 39% of vitamin A, and 18% of vitamin D!  Fight Dr. Fizz in your own home with SMITH’S milk so your family can enjoy better health!  Don’t forget the Herd of Heroes now is available at both the Apple App Store and Google Play!

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