Ergonomic Paint Brushes: Green Toad Review and Giveaway

picture of Win Complete Green Toad System

With our Total House Remodel project, we have been doing a LOT of painting, trimming, and edging. With home remodeling, you need the right tools to get the job done right. There is a difference when it comes to paint rollers and brushes but never had we had an ergonomically and environmentally friendly option. Now, with Green Toad, you can paint with a 360 degree pivoting brush with a “green” product that is completely environmentally friendly.

Green Toad – The Pivoting Paint Brush and Roller Review

The Green Toad Pivoting Paint Brush and Roller system was intriguing to me. With an entire house to paint, both inside and out, it is a tiring job. Having a paint brush and roller that can rotate seemed like a super idea. The Green Toad products are designed with a comfort grip handle so there’s no slipping. The feature that sets it apart from all the rest is the 360 degree pivot on all handles. It makes it more comfortable to paint without strain on your wrists, hands, shoulders, and muscles.

Of course my kids had to pitch in and “help” too.

picture of Helping Mom paint with Green Toad
Helping Mom paint with Green Toad

A note to parents out there, kids love to help with painting! Just be sure to follow closely behind them with your own roller or you’ll end up with thick, messy spots! Lucky for me, their attention wasn’t there too long and I was able to paint over their paint jobs. They loved helping mom.

Green Toad Pivoting Brushes

Green Toad offers 1.5″ and 2.5″ Tapered Brushes and 2″ and 4″ Straight Brush for all your painting and trimming needs.

picture of Green Toad Environmentally Friendly Paint Brushes
Green Toad Environmentally Friendly Paint Brushes

I used the brushes to paint 140 feet of trim for windows and doors. It went very smoothly. I loved the way the brushes were at an angle so I didn’t have to angle my hands. The ergonomic design for the paint brushes was so noticeable and made painting all of that trim easy.

picture of Green Toad Ergonomic Paint Brush
Green Toad Ergonomic Paint Brush

I also used the Green Toad ergonomic paint brush to trim out the ceilings of the dining room wall, with my jungle green paint. Again, I could really notice how easy it was to trim out the ceilings with the ergonomic handle. Getting into the corners were super easy too since it pivots 360 degrees.

picture of Using Green Toad Pivoting Brush Overhead
Using Green Toad Pivoting Brush Overhead

Green Toad Pivoting Rollers

Each Green Toad handle can be switched out to hold various size rollers and brushes. It is a cinch to snap the rollers on and off.

picture of Green Toad Roller Attached to Pivoting Handle
Green Toad Roller Attached to Pivoting Handle

Simply press the black button and off pops the roller. This makes switching between different size rollers or going to a brush easy because you can re-use the handle.

picture of Green Toad Roller Unattached
Green Toad Roller Unattached

Green Toad offers 4″, 6″, and 9″ rollers to fit any size job. I liked being able to switch between each while painting our dining room wall.

picture of Green Toad Pivoting Rollers
Green Toad Pivoting Rollers

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would really see any benefits of a rotating, pivoting roller. You never know unless you try, right? I started painting and naturally, as if I’ve always used a pivoting brush, I started pivoting the brush when I reached a corner, ceiling, or other edge. My painting never stopped. I didn’t have to reposition my roller to get into various spots, I just rotated it to exactly where I wanted it with one hand and kept right on painting. I love the convenience and time saving the Green Toad pivoting roller gave me.

My husband checked out what we were doing and said it looked great too…except that it was the green paint that we used in Elijah’s bedroom and not the green paint we were matching from our upstairs hallway! Opps! I was so focused on my new brushes and letting my kids help me that I didn’t even notice that I was painting our dining room wall a jungle green instead of a sage green!

So, being that I had to re-paint the entire section, I was so thankful for the ergonomic design. I didn’t notice any wrist or joint pain from priming, then painting jungle green, then priming again, then painting a sage green.

Green Toad is Environmentally Friendly

The Green Toad product line is made up of all “green” materials. Finally, there is a paint brush and roller system that is environmentally friendly. Every plastic part that makes up Green Toad products has been treated with Earthgreen™ polymers. This makes the handle, brush heads, bristles and most internal parts biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

Buy Green Toad Pivoting Paint Brush and Rollers

You can buy Green Toad Pivoting Paint Brush and Rollers, starter kits, and systems on the Green Toad website.

Win Green Toad Pivoting Paint Brush and Rollers Complete System (Closed)

Updated: 6/1/11 Winner Announced: Dian Harner, Entry #49.

Green Toad is offering you the chance to win your own Complete Green Toad System ($39.99)

picture of Win Complete Green Toad System
Win Complete Green Toad System

Complete Green Toad System includes: 2 Deluxe Contour Handles, 1.5″ Tapered Brush Head, 2.5″ Tapered Brush Head, 2″ Straight Brush Head, 3″ Straight Brush Head, 4″ & 6″ Roller with Cover, and 9″ Roller with Deluxe Contour Handle.

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