Carry a Fruity Scent All Day Long with a Moffett Mix and Match Scented Watch

Have fun with this mix and match scented watch by Moffett Watch. Purchase a single watch and add as many Mix-N-Match colors and scents as you want to change your look and smell! I love my Moffett Scented Watch!! My style is more sporty the majority of the time, so these watches are awesome for a splash of color and a great pick me up scent. I like the option of easily changing out the color and scent of my watch. It’s fun to look down to check the time and get a smile from Moffett the Skunk on my watch face.


I received product to facilitate this post.

Moffett Mix-N-Match Scented Watch Pieces for Your Favorite Scent and Color

Moffett Watch has 8 different scents and colors that you can Mix-N-Match to create a watch that is all your own. If you favorite color is pink but you would like a grape scent, put the pink bands on your watch with a purple, grape scented, circle around the face of your watch. With scents like, black currant (black), strawberry (pink), pineapple (yellow), grape (purple), candy apple (red), blueberry (blue), orange (orange) and coconut (white), there is something for every girl! My favorite is the pink, strawberry scented watch!

Pink, Strawberry Scented Moffett Watch
Pink, Strawberry Scented Moffett Watch

How Do I Change Moffett Scented Watch Bands and Face?

Most interchangeable products are a little tricky and take time that makes you feel like it’s not even worth the effort. Moffett Watch has made it simple! Just pop off the colorful circle around the face of the watch and pop your new one on! Make sure you line up the second markers that are on the circle to the watch. Then, simply slide out the bands from the watch itself and slide your new watch bands on.

Slide watch bands off easily.
Slide watch bands off easily.

 Customize Your Moffett Watch to Make it Perfectly You!

My favorite thing about Moffett Watch is that I can change the scent I wear based on my mood for the day, as well as, match it to whatever outfit I am wearing. Most of the time I forget that it is scented until I go to fix my hair and then I get a sweet scent that picks me up. These scents are not overwhelming, and the watch itself is great quality. I love that I can wear Moffett Watch to add a touch of color to my outfit, it’s bands are durable and tough for playing with kids without worrying that they might break it. My girls love to help me choose which color and scent to wear every day and randomly will ask me throughout the day if they can smell it!

Pineapple Scent is wonderfully citrusy!

Moffett Watch For Any Age

Moffett Watch is for a woman of any age. I love how versatile these watches are. They would be a great gift for graduation gifts for college age girls, high schoolers, and moms and grandmas! My kids think look really cool wearing my Moffett Watch. They love that it’s like a little secret that it smells good and no one realizes it is my watch!

Each starter pack comes with the actual watch piece, as well as, 1 set of bands and scented circle and 1 extra scented circle. From there you can add to your collection with other colors and scents you can purchase separately.

To purchase Moffett Watch, head over to their website:

Win Moffett Watch Starter Pack

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