My “Feel Better Formula” for Cold and Flu Season

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that cold and flu season is here. My son was home all week with a nasty virus, thankfully he is on the mend and nobody else caught it. dog-waiting

I received product to facilitate this post.

My “Feel Better Formula”

Chicken Soup is part of my “Feel Better Formula” and always on the menu when someone in our household is sick. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees that chicken soup can help you feel better.

Something else that is party of my “Feel Better Formula” that I can always count on is Robitussin®. It is the brand I reach for the most when I start to feel the first symptoms of a cough, cold, or flu. I know it won’t cure the cold but it sure will help me feel better and get through the day (and night).


Extra snuggles on the couch and movie time is also part of my “Feel Better Formula.” Even our puppy knows when someone is sick and stays close for moral support.  We’ve watched plenty of Monkey Thieves, The Adventures of Puss In Boots, and Christmas movies this week on Netflix!

My “Feel Better Formula”= Robitussin + Chicken Soup + Movies

What is your “Feel Better Formula”?

feel better with robitussin

I really like the new Robitussin® 12 Hour Cough Relief because with just one dose, you receive 12 hours of cough relief. I’d much rather have a product that I take just once instead of every 4 hours.  That way, I don’t miss a dose and feel miserable!

I also like that the Robitussin 12 Hour Cough Relief is a product that my entire family can use – no more extra bottles for kids and adults! Children as young at 4 can use this product – just be sure to follow dosage strictly for every age level.

Another new Robitussin product for adults and teens is Robitussin® Maximum Strength Severe Multi Symptom Cough, Cold & Flu. This is a powerful product offering relief from your worst cough, cold, & flu symptoms for both daytime and nighttime.

Best wishes to you and your family to avoid cold and flu season. Be sure to pick up Robitussin, ingredients for chicken soup, and movies before you need it so you’ll be able to find relief and feel better faster.

Download a Robitussin Coupon for $1 off, you know someone in your family will need it this season, you might as well be prepared.

Win Feel Better Care Package

You have the chance to win a “Feel Better Care Package” that is the same as the products pictures above including:

  • A $50 Netflix gift card to enjoy your favorite movies and television shows as you rest up during cough and cold season
  • Robitussin-branded blanket, Robitussin-branded mug, and Green Tea Sampler Pack

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