September: Baby Safety Month

This month is #BabySafetyMonth. So what is the top safety concern for babies? It’s so simple, Sleep! Is our baby sleeping safely, are they warm, cold, and what about SIDS? The moment I became a mother this was at the top of my list of new mom worries! So here’s some tips provided by MAM on how we can keep our little babes safe and sound at night, and maybe catch a few extra zzz’s ourselves.


Back is best..

From the moment my oldest son was born the nurses and doctors always told me to put him on his back to sleep. Why do we do this? We want to keep baby’s airway open and unobstructed.  Side lying or stomach sleeping can potentially prevent baby from breathing. Think about it if your face rest on  the bed while sleeping do you breathe as well as normal? I sure don’t but the biggest part of this is that you and I will lift or heads or roll over as needed in our sleep. Our babies are strong enough to do that on their own. So laying them on their back is safest.


What about SIDS?

SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome  is the leading cause of death in infants ages 1 month to 1 year old. Did you know pacifier usage may reduce the risk of SIDS? At first I thought this was kind of crazy but Studies are showing that offering a pacifier at bed/nap-time may be a big benefit. (check out the AAP’s Latest Guidelines here.) It may help prevent baby from rolling, losing pacifier while sleeping may make the rouse a little, and the pacifier may actually help keep airway open All of this makes sense to me. 2 of my 3 children have taken only one brand of pacifier, MAM. But, no Matter what brand brand you use MAM‘s tip for checking pacifiers are important. 1. Check paci for any damage or signs of weakness before offering to baby 2. Pull the pacifier nipple in all directions to make sure there are no cracks, or other damage. 3. Watch extra close as teeth emerge. 4. Replace pacifiers frequently to ensure baby’s safety.


It’s getting Hot in here…

You baby could be over heating if you notice sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or heat rash.  To help your little one regulate body temperature safely dress them in natural fibers (Cotton, bamboo,etc.).  Consider products like sleep bags or swaddles. One of my latest favorites is ergoPouch! Look for an upcoming post about these sleep products! Don’t use blankets and keep the room at a comfortable temperature for you as a lightly dressed adult.


Keep it Firm Consider Breathable..

Keep crib mattresses that are firm. Look into new breathable mattresses. Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib mattress is a breathable option that is designed just for baby’s health, comfort and safety.  It’s also hypo-allergic and completely washable! It’s even recyclable! Don’t forget to make sure your crib is free from blankets, pillows and stuffed toys.


Consider Your Crib

By purchasing a crib that meets the latest U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Stands you are ensuring that your crib is free of harmful chemical and toxins. Check out Micuna who offers a collection of stylish and safe cribs that also happen to be made from sustainable resources like Beach wood from sustainable forests. Be sure to keep your crib away from windows, out of direct sunlight and check for any drafts that might make him/her uncomfortable. Be sure to keep away from blind and drapes which pose strangulation hazards.



MAM loves our readers and wants to give one of you an assortment of MAM products to include their Pacifiers! Good Luck!
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