Could You Be Saving 30% on Car Insurance? #TrySnapshot

Have you ever wondered how your insurance rates are figured out? With most companies, they base policies based on age, vehicle, zip code, claims recorded, etc. Until now, you’ve been receiving rates that have nothing to do with you personally. Progressive is changing all of that with the revolutionary Progressive Snapshot.

Snapshot allows drivers to prove how well they drive for 30 days to get the most personalized policy for them, up to 30% off Progressive’s auto insurance rates. Progressive has been collecting data on customer driving behavior for over 15 years. They understand how driving performance directly affects claims and how to translate that into savings for good drivers.

How does Snapshot work?

Watch this easy video and let Flo show you how Snapshot works.

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Progressive Snapshot Review

I was able to review the Progressive Snapshot in my car for the past 30 days.

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I simply plugged in the Snapshot device into the on-board diagnostic port in my car.

Progressive Snapshot device plugs into your car
Progressive Snapshot device plugs into your car

Each time I drove my car, Snapshot recorded key information like my braking habits, acceleration habits, and miles driven.  Each week, I was given a report to show me how many hard brakes, rapid accelerations, and miles I drove. This data was plugged into a visual of how well I was doing in each category.  Once my actions improved, I would receive fun ‘badges’ to encourage the good driving.

Progressive Snapshot Badges
Progressive Snapshot Badges

I found that I have too many hard brakes during the course of my driving. I do a lot of city driving, with traffic lights, etc but I never realized until now that it could affect my safety, and my brakes. The Snapshot has made me aware of this “opportunity” to improve my driving, saving me money on future brake repairs and replacements.

My Progressive Snapshot Driving Details
My Progressive Snapshot Driving Details

At the end of the 30 days, the Snapshot will let you know if you can save money on your car insurance based on your results. My results were “Definitely Maybe” – again, the hard brakes issue affected my ability to save money on car insurance too. I filled in my data for a car insurance quote, that information coupled with my Snapshot results gave me an insurance quote comparable to my current insurance plan, just about $20 cheaper than what I use now. I’m not FLO, even if the name tag says it…maybe if I wear the Flo gear, I could lay off the brakes!

picture of Progressive FLO costume!
Progressive FLO costume!

Snapshot didn’t save me 30% on car insurance but it did give me a quote that is less than I pay now AND it gave me the ability to change this in the future with my driving habits.

Can you save money with Progressive Car Insurance?

An impressive 7 out of 10 drivers who try Snapshot receive a discount!  Chances are good that you could save money on car insurance.  In fact, the majority of drivers exhibit lower-risk driving behavior and they are the ones that are subsidizing the smaller number of higher-risk drivers.  Why pay more if you are a good driver? Check out with Progressive Snapshot!

I wrote this review behalf of the Progressive brand and received swag and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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