Akron Ohio Moms hits the Channel 5 Airways!

photo of Beth with Channel 5 news staff

In the past couple of weeks, two of AkronOhioMoms.com’s authors have had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for stories that will air on Channel 5 WEWS news.  We don’t yet know exactly when our spots will air (most likely within the next three weeks).  In the meantime, here’s a quick sneak peek of what we’ll be talking about on Channel 5 – on line and on TV:

Cindy’s Interview

Consumer Investigator Journalist , Jenn Strathmann, hit Cindy up for her expert knowledge of deal site aggregators.  Say what?!  In plain English, that means sites that are a boon for consumers, consolidating many of the deals that are out there – either at local retailers or on-line. They act like a deal-lovers’ one-stop-shop, saving consumers time and money.  One site Cindy and Jenn spent a lot of time talking about was www.thedealmap.com.  This site breaks down local deals on a map, so you can see exactly where the deals are before you end up on a wild goose chase somewhere, wasting gas and seeing your “deal dollars” quickly disappear.  Another site is designed just for moms and Cindy recently reviewed and offered a giveaway for it, www.MamaBargains.com.

Beth’s Interview

photo of Beth with Channel 5 news staff
Beth doing a product review with Channel 5 reporter, Jenn Strathmann

I had the pleasure of working with Consumer Investigator Journalist , Jenn Strathmann, on reviewing some kitchen products.  I must say it was pretty cool having Channel 5 staff in my kitchen!  🙂  Jenn and I reviewed two products, one being an inexpensive salad shaker, and the other being produce storage bins containing “silver nano technology,” touted to keep your produce fresher longer.  Once aired, you’ll be able to see the results of our real life, at-home experiment, and find out whether or not these produce bins are worth buying.  You can also find out if the salad shaker is worth its $3.99 price tag.  Hopefully, my TV nerves won’t show through on the footage!

My girls and I also found out that Meteorologist, Mark Johnson, is a nice, guy, and pretty funny – something we assumed, but his coworkers confirmed!(We’re big Channel 5 meteorologist fans).  And, the same cameraman that filmed our spot has, in the past, filmed Mark Johnson and gang too–how’s that for a brush with fame?!  🙂

We’ll keep you posted on exactly when our stories will air so that you can sign on and tune in!

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