Akron Woman Sues Akron Abortion Clinic After Failed Abortion

Akron Woman Sues Akron Abortion Clinic After Failed Abortion

An Akron woman is suing the Akron Women’s Medical Group abortion clinic with a malpractice lawsuit for a failed abortion last March. Ariel Knights gave birth to a healthy baby girl in September 2012.

Akron Woman Sues Akron Abortion Clinic After Failed Abortion

Ariel Knights explains in the Akron Beacon Journal about her Akron abortion clinic experience that lead to the failed abortion:

Every seat was full. People were standing,” she said. “It was pretty much like a slaughterhouse; it was like OK, next, next.

When her name was called that March morning a year ago, she walked into a cramped room and climbed onto a table, positioning her lower body above a trash bag. When the doctor finished, Knights, still woozy from being sedated, was handed her things and shown the door.

The Akron woman made the decision to have the abortion when she was told her life was in danger due to the medical condition of uterine didelphys that she learned about during the pregnancy of her son. Uterine didelphys  results in a double uterus with individual cervices.

Ariel Knights sited that she chose the abortion because the pregnancy was life-threatening for her and because she had a preschooler to take care of.

Just a week after visiting the Akron abortion clinic, Knights found herself in the ER in constant pain since the failed abortion. She was surprised to learn that she was still pregnant. She refused to go back to the Akron Women’s Medical Group abortion clinic again. A second clinic refused to get involved with another clinic’s failed abortion attempt.

Knights and her fiance decided to go through with the pregnancy, with multiple trips to the ER, 4 hospital stays, biweekly doctor visits with a high-risk pregnancy doctor, and many ultrasound exams. The constant stress of not knowing what the Akron abortion clinic did to her and her baby plagued her throughout the pregnancy.

Knights gave birth to a healthy 6 pound baby girl on September 20, 2012.

According the the Akron Beacon Journal:

When asked about the irony of the failed abortion, Knights replied, “I mean, it’s just hard, thinking she’s here and thinking, if they would have done their job. … It’s just something I don’t like to think about.”

Ariel Knights is suing the Akron abortion clinic after the failed abortion because their failed attempt put her life at risk. She is suing for emotional distress, pain and suffering for a total around $25,000.

Ariel Knights attorney, Jim Gutbroad is pro-life. He sees the lawsuit as a way to take on the abortion industry for its problems. He reported the the Akron Beacon Journal:

From Ariel’s description, you can see how poorly the clinic is run and how different it is from any other medical procedure that’s done in our country. The way they do things is horrendous.

More on Uterine Didelphys

According to the Mayo Clinic, many women with uterine didelphys live normal lives – others are left infertile or have pregnancies that end in miscarriage. Uterine didelphys may also lead to premature birth or unusual positions like having a breech baby. They also state that treatment for uterine didelphys is rarely done, however surgery to unite a double uterus can be performed in some cases. Otherwise, they state that your doctor may suggest ways to prevent preterm delivery.

I have a friend who also has this condition, it can be life-threatening – my friend “delivered” her uterus during the child-birth of her first baby. Thankfully, she survived. Both my friend and the baby was healthy. My friend went on to have 3 additional babies under the care of a high-risk doctor – with notable stress and prayers of many throughout each pregnancy.

What do you think?

What do you think after leaning that an Akron woman sues Akron abortion clinic after failed abortion? Do you have personal experience with uterine didelphys?

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