Why My Kids are #FreeToBe Kids Outside

My kids are having the best week with the warm weather. They have been outside, non-stop. Last night, we met up with friends at Hudson Springs Park. The plan was to let the kids play on the playground, then walk around the lake.


Our kids changed the plan to explore the muddy streams and lake!!

My motto is that if my kids aren’t dirty at the end of they, they aren’t doing their job! We gotta let our kids be free to be kids.walking-in-water

I can do this because I use all free clear, an allergist recommended detergent that is gentle for sensitive skin, yet tough on stains. I don’t have to worry about stains!

I feel like parents today over schedule our kids with sports, events, and extra-circular activities.  Don’t get me wrong, there are benefits of organized activities as well, my kids are both in sports, cub scouts, and American Heritage Girls – but kids need plenty of time for free play too.

We don’t give them enough time for unstructured free play and time to explore nature – without worries of getting their clothes dirty. Seriously, how can a kid play if they are worried about getting mud on their shoes or grass stains on their pants?

How can they catch cool snails, frogs, and fish with the fear of getting dirty? They can’t.


We need to let our kids be kids – with no worries about getting dirty. They can shower when they get home and we can pop their clothes in the washer, right?! P1040825

Outdoor free play is where the real fun happens!

This is when forts are made, games are invented, real teamwork happens, and creativity explodes!

all free clear let kids be kids

I try to put my kids in ‘play clothes’ when I know we will be in a muddy creek or sliding down grassy hills but the fact is, it doesn’t always happen! When play time calls, I let my kids be free to be kids!

I can do this because I have a powerful cleaning system at home that I can always rely on. I use the all free clear line of products to care for my entire family’s clothes, including my kids’ messy, muddy, “we had fun in the mud” clothes!

all free clearChoose from all free clear detergent (liquid and mighty pacs), fabric softener, and dry sheets. Together, they get my family’s clothes clean and fresh every time – with no chemicals, dyes, perfumes, and residues. I like the price too, much less expensive than other “free clear” products.

all free clear has the NEA Seal of Acceptance™ from the National Eczema Association. It is a Dermatologist and Allergist Recommended Detergent that is good for all sensitive skin, including eczema. This is important to me because my kids have sensitive skin, just like me. My daughter even has eczema like her father.

I use both types of detergent, and buy them in the large load sizes, but there are smaller sizes available too.all free clear #freetobe

Finding a gentle detergent is important, but it has to work too! I’ve never had any issues with all free clear and I’ve used it for years. I suggest you give all free clear a try this Spring on your kids’ toughest stains and see how it works.

Above all, give your kids plenty of opportunities to be #FreeToBe kids outside. Check out your local playgrounds, parks, and walking paths.

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