Another Ohio Snow Storm but no more snow days?!

picture of Bird feeder in our backyard covered with snow

We’ve been hit by another snow storm in NE Ohio. Sure, it is really beautiful outside. I love nothing more than snow covered trees but I don’t like the rest. I don’t like that we had 8 inches of new snowfall with more coming and expected with no more snow days left. Actually, we are under a winter storm snow warning in this part of Ohio. The roads are horrible, still snow-covered at noon! And guess what. My kids still have school today! Why? I have a feeling it is because of the new law past last year cutting Ohio Snow Days from 5 to 3. The new Governor Kasich has promised to change it back to 5 and we need it! My kids’ school already have used 4 snow days and I think today should have been day #5.

I just spent 1-1/2 hours on the snow-covered roads trying to get out to Medina to pick up my kids from Grandma’s house. This stretch of the trip should have been 20 minutes. It was stop and go the whole way, in fact I was stopped for more than 1/2 hour on I-271 because of 10 slide offs and accidents! Argh.

My kids won’t mind an extra day at Grandma’s house. I wouldn’t send them to school today even if they were home, it’s just not safe. In fact, a bus driver and an ODOT plow collided just last night, killing the bus driver. My heart goes out to his family and the wrestling team that was on the bus.

But, like I said, if you aren’t traveling in the snow, it is quite beautiful. Even the bird feeders in our back yard are pretty. I need to go outside and wipe some of it away so the birds can actually get to the bird seed! I have no idea how animals and birds make it in our harsh Ohio weather, especially with all of the snow we’ve had this season!

picture of Snow Covered Bird Feeders
Snow Covered Bird Feeders

Check out my kids’ pine cone bird feeder on the right. This is the first year we’ve had success with it. We used pine cones, peanut butter and bread crumbs instead of bird seed. When it is above freezing, birds love it.

picture of Lastest Ohio Snow Storm hits our backyard
Latest Ohio Snow Storm hits our backyard
picture of Bird feeder in our backyard covered with snow
Bird feeder in our backyard covered with snow

Stay safe and stay inside if you can!

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4 thoughts on “Another Ohio Snow Storm but no more snow days?!

  1. Jessica says:

    I think its ridiculous to make kids go to school on really bad snow days. I’d rather have my child alive than miss out on education for one day!

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