Safe, Filtered Water On the Go with Aquasana

Aquasana Filter Water bottle

I talk about drinking water often because it is essential for good health.   75% of us are dehydrated which can lead to serious health complications.  Even if you are drinking enough water, you may be drinking water with toxins.

Tap water is not always safe, just look at Flint, Michigan!

5 common toxins found in tap water include heavy metals like lead and mercury, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and pesticides, chlorine and chloramines, and even industrial chemicals.

And what about lead in tap water? That was the main problem in Flint, Michigan. It can happen anywhere in the USA, a change in the eco system is all it takes. In fact 12-16% of Americans have lead in their water.


I received product to facilitate this post.

Safe, Filtered Water On the Go with Aquasana

The only way to protect your family from dangerous toxins in tap water in your home, while on vacation, and away from home is to filter it out.  Aqusana offers a variety of products for the home and for personal use to filter dangerous water.

An easy way to enjoy clean, healthy water wherever you go is with a personal Aquasana Active Filter Water Bottle.

Aquasana Active Filter Bottle

This water bottle removes over 99% of bacteria, lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and giardia! This has become my go-to water bottle for drinking water at home (even though I have a whole house filtration system) and while traveling and on the go.

One key place where we need water is at parks and playgrounds. Often there will be a water fountain but who knows how safe the water is! With my water bottle, I know the water my family drinks is safe and clean, no matter where I am.

Aquasana Filter Water bottle

Nothing taste better than clean, refreshing water. The Aquasana Active offers professional grade filtered water to you anywhere, anytime. Whether you fill it up at the park, hotel, gym, airport, or at home, you can be confident with this built-in filter.

Aquasana Filter Water bottle

If you aren’t sure you can afford a Aquasana Filter Water bottle, let me break it down for you. Can you afford $.18 cents for a gallon of fresh drinking water? This is way cheaper than disposable bottles too – one filter equals 600 bottles of water. Do the math, it is more economical than you may think.

You can purchase a Aquasana Filter Water bottle in either borosilicate glass or BPA-Free Tritan™ plastic + a premium silicone sleeve a variety of colors on the Aquasana website and on for about $39 each.

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